Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Guardian angel

Inferno it was, dark and desolate
far removed, in the deserted underground

Faceless strangers were my friends
And were the only ones I relied upon

Buried in the hell, stifled I became...
Crawled towards the glimmer of light
A speck of hope at the very far end of the tunnel...

But couldn't see its direction, blinded that I was,
that eventually into the real world could liberate
from the shackles and boundaries of underground hell

Pleaded the passer-bys for guiding me to light
to the so-called friends of mine
Searched and screamed till my lungs ached
at the crest of my voice.
They refused to recognize me
labelled me as a stranger...

Pined for love, a touch ,a soothing word
Longed for a reassuring hand and for a 'real' friend

The friends I believed in, were far from me
Never could they hear me,
nor to my screams and cries of desperate help.

Screamed till I lost my voice.
Cried till my eyes were sore,
But never could they hear me...

Strings were suspended from above
And I was pulled towards the ray of light
Accustomed to darkness my eyes couldn't tolerate

the brightness of the outside world.
When I opened my eyes,
I was mesmerised to see the
beauty of the 'real ' world.
I was mesmerised to see her...

My saviour...

My guardian angel...

My best friend..

To Reeha- my best friend.For being my window into inspiration, joy and support when I was locked in a dungeon of utter hopeless moments and dejection.

Happy friendship day dear


  1. This was a total aww post. Seems like you really have a wonderful best friend. May your relationship last forever and grow even stronger! :)
    Happy Friendship Day. Although I've no idea when it is. This Sunday?

  2. Beautiful Fantastic Write Up !!!!!!!!!

  3. luvly piece of work...a deservingly beautiful piece of art for an equally beautiful relationship...thank reeha on my behalf helpin u out...feels gud to c u out of strife! :)

    tc alrit...nd keep smiling!

  4. Great post..!!!nicely written...!!

  5. Wow, this is so sweet. Cheers to your friendship. You are so lucky to have a friend like her :)

  6. That's a beautiful dedication, Aparna. :)
    Friends make life worth living really.
    Happy Friendship Day!

  7. Apz i truly treasure our friendship,will neve lose u u as always

  8. a stranger at the door!!
    well, it s then that the angelic friends turn up...

  9. What a touching ode to your best friend, Reeha.

  10. such a beautiful ode to a friend
    that is worth more than gold.

    this poem reminds me of dante's

  11. was very beautiful poem... :) really... felt it to the core couple of lines blew me away... honetly :) great :)

    wasnt reading blogs for w while you showed me what i was missing aparna :)

    take care and keep writing...............


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