Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dreams on fire

The love letters scented in musk we wrote
the dried petals of the roses you left every mornin
the love poems and lyrics we composed

the gifts,our photos,those greetings

the wonderful times we spent together
, those abstract memories
the pages of my diary I filled about you every night......

You walked out of my life

without for once glancing back

But left these lingering traces
haunting and claiming my sanity

When I came to know

there is no more 'us
But just you and me
gone in bifurcating ways

I decided to put an end to your memories
and sacrifice these reminders in the flames of fire

Years it took for me to nurture my dreams of love
but just a blink of an eye

for the incinerating fire to melt them into liquid dreams

Devoured the flames callously

Wiped them out from the chronicles of time

Undid the moments, erased out the memories

Scorched and scalded bits of paper

were all that was left of your love lette
Scarred and charred useless trash became all other gifts

For one last time before I could touch and feel the ashes
the cruel breeze blew off the ignited flakes of ash,
disseminated them here-and-there

With a sigh and a phew

When it is all done

I look into the mirror...

But it is not me who I see

Alas I never can forget you!

Incapable the fire was to burn the bonds which bound me to you

left those memories and scenes unblemished, untouched

I still see you...

your kiss...

your touch...

your love...
which warms my pulsating heart

gushing blood through veins

vitalizing every inch of my body

The record of every minute I spent with you,

is imprinted intricately in my
The past moments span in front of my eyes

playing in detail as if everything is happening right now


my heart contains love for you, swelling bountifully
my eyes refuse to vaporise your image locked in forever

my ears shamelessly long to hear you whisper my name

The brunt of your love which poisoned my body and soul

by burning the material traces will not be that easily obliterated

If your love is inseparable and a part-and parcel of my existence....
If I am your most striking remaining trace...
If you still exist in every drop of my sanguine blood
If the passion of love burning in me can never be dampened....
If our souls are one intertwined for eternity that refuse to be apart

Then how can I not set myself ablaze to truly forget you?

How can I not end my existence to put an end to your memories?

How can I not set myself ablaze to truly forget you??


  1. After a loong time i have a seen a post on ur blog...and the post is simply awsume...

  2. she's bak...nd wid grandeur i mst say.....wonderfully crafted post...luvd da flow....nd da thoughts at da end where the memories refuse to die even to the most ruthless approaches....beautifully done! :)

    luvd! :)

  3. Amazing expression of pain ! really loved the way you have written it

  4. True love never dies
    Loved the poem :)

  5. So...Burning desire..Eh !!! Nice poem...So when did the new Poet come to earth ??

  6. wowwww..what a realistic poem my dear...i just can feel it happening before my eyes..cant tell how wonderful i feel(paradox)...wait until i call u..


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