Sunday, February 15, 2009

Be my valentine

The boy proposes:

I'll conquer the universe at your slightest wish
and drizzle the shimmering stars on you.
I'll pluck the cresented moon studded in the sky
and adorn it as a brooch on your gown.

Spending my lifetime by your side,
I'll give all the time in the world to you.
You will be my utmost importance.
I'll abandon you for not even a moment.

Covering the thorns in your path by my palm,
I'll bear the pricking pain for your sake.
Protecting you at your every trodden step,
I'll lay down your path with rosy petals.

With this love that bountifully gushes from my heart,
I'll take a lifetime to express it.
Is this a reason enough,that I want to be with you?
I hope you'll accept my love. Be my valentine.

The girl replies:

I don't need stars, they fade at dawn.
I don't need the moon, it wanes after a fortnight.
I see the twinkle of the stars in your caring eyes.
I see a crescent moon, in the curve of your smiling lips.

I need just a speck of grain, in the sands of your time.
I don't care for all the time in the world.
I'll give you your space, I'll give you your time.
You can have your own priorities, I won't hinder.

The thorns have to pierce my heart first
before they prick your protecting hand.
If you stand by me at my every step,
I can endure every thorn with pleasure.

Love me for no reason.
Love me on no condition.
If unconditional love is what you can reciprocate,
then I am your valentine.
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