Saturday, July 10, 2010

Random thoughts -2

At this point of time I feel so insecure. The future is all bleak. I'm so scared about what tomorrow might bring to my life.

Is it wrong to dream and to wish? And it pinches so hard in the heart if the dreams don't come true. More so when you know you will suffocate doing something you don't like, being among people you connect to the least. And then there's something you love doing from all your heart, but the dream is almost impossible to achieve...

It wouldn't atleast hurt so bad if god didn't give the ability to imagine....the ability to dream.

But then again I think I can atleast be satisfied in my dreams momentarily...even though it is far-fetched from reality. It is my only hope...the only bright streak of light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Without dreams my life would be so boring , without any anticipation of what tomorrow would hold for me. I would lead my life, each day being the same as if I've already lived my entire life in this 20 years till the very end, just passing time to meet my end, seen everything already... my days without fun, pleasure and hope. What is the point of living such an uneventful monotonous life when each day is just the same?

Atleast in my wildest imagination, of which I have a control over, I can wish for my dreams to come true and spin a dreamy web of thoughts in my mind's eye and live with a hope that one day my life will become like how I want it to be. God might not fulfil my wishes, but he can't claim my dreams and imaginations right?

So I am happy I can atleast dream of a fun life. My dreams and wishes sustain me.They give me a chance to be everything I ever wanted to be, giving everything I ever wanted to have.


  1. Dreams are very important...i guess a person without dreams is like an empty hurts really when someones dream is broken or say shattered but thats life n keep on moving !!
    Well written :)!!

  2. Dream on, life would be so boring if we had no dreams...they really keep us going... happy dreaming.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. It's dream that makes our life beautiful.....Dream may be heart breaking if not fulfilled, but it's a part of life.

  4. Dreams Are Part & Parcel of One's Life. But, When Dreams Doesn't Come True, Life Becomes Miserable. But, One Should Know TO Balance Happiest & The Sad Moments of Life!!!!!!!

    Excellent Write Up Dear :) :)

  5. Dreams, wishes and anticipation
    are what give life excitement even
    if each dream isn't fulfilled.
    I agree with your genie friend -
    we have to take steps to fulfill
    our own wishes, keep positive and
    watch how thing fall into place.

    You write with such honesty, there
    is a natural flow to your prose.

  6. If we substract the dream from ours then we will be no less than an animal .Yes , if your dream is not fulfilled you feel the pain ,anguish.But you know what those parts of life teaches the most vaulabe lesson of your life . You come to know the character of people around you ...So dream ....dream and dream...

  7. I love your blog! It's amazing how I can relate to this post very well.

    Thanks for the great post :)

  8. Yup.. Dreams fill us with so much life, which reality cant compete with.. Keep dreaming, Keep being alive !!

  9. Believe in your dreams..
    Its the way universe talks to individuals..
    :)- The Alchemist

  10. Never be afraid to dream :) Never be afraid to take a step. Sometimes, by taking risks, dreams come true! :)


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