Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Discovering The Oasis Of Dreams

The sun emanated heat mercilessly that reflected from the vitreous sand of the desert.The vast expanse of barren terrain stretched in all four directions till the horizon.

The sky was bright reddish orange blazing like a furnace. I shielded my face and body from the roasting fire with my hands but there was no escape from the sun rays which pervaded ominously. There was no shade anywhere in sight. Not even one faint streak of green till my eyes could gaze.

I was wandering barefoot beyond and forth in search of my dream destination- the oasis of life.

My legs quivered with fatigue. My lips parched and throat dried with thirst. The intensity of the heat burnt me up firing and twinging my skin and sucked up water dehydrating me. It felt as if someone was poking my throat down till the chest with a fiery fork.

The air felt papery thin and light in the heat and couldn't fill my breath. I had to take gulps of it from my mouth too, and though how much ever I sucked in with my laborious breaths, I felt dizzy and light-headed.
The gust of wind baked my airways as I inhaled.There was a tinge of blanched redness that coloured my skin. My sandpaper tongue stuck to the dried pallet and teeth.

My feet seeped in the heaps of sand, and it was very tiresome striding in the sinking sand. The soles of my feet were blazing in fire.

My thoughts were muddled. I could see wild imagery of sparkling water of oasis dancing in front of my eyes.The oasis- my dream destination. It disappeared the next second and reappeared again.

I couldn't distinguish reality from visions and mirages played hide and seek with me every moment deceiving my perceptions and tricking my every step farther away into the deadness of the land.

I wanted to howl and cry but the tears never came from my dry eyes.

I wanted to scream at the crest of my voice but only faint shrills came from my dry throat.

My heart was slowing down, the beats now only faintly audible and weak. I fell face down on the sand.

But in my innate heart I was happy- happy that finally I could have made it to my destination of oasis if I wanted to.

But you know what...I didn't want to. I decided not to proceed towards that oasis to check whether it really existed or that my eyes were just deceiving me. Perhaps I was afraid to find out the truth. I was afraid to bear the heart breaking disappointment I would have to go through after learning that the dream destination which was a part-and-parcel of my night's dreams, was actually just as barren and dry like the rest of the desert.

May be it would not have been a desert.Possibilities are there that it could have been an oasis- an oasis of life, of hope, of fresh spring and greenery right in the heart of the dry lifeless desert.

Sure I would have missed a lot by deciding not to venture there and confirming my doubts. May be the oasis would have given me a new life, being a quenching answer for my parching thirst.

But what if it was just like the rest of the desert? All the dreams I have spun for six years, thinking that, 'yes one day I will find my oasis , and then I will no longer have to suffer the drudgery of the desert' would shatter like a thin pane of glass in split seconds. How could I live through my shattered dream?- the very dream which is making me live in the first place...

So my dream destination was just a stone's throw away from me and I died a happy death in the belief that I succeeded.I could have actually walked there and drank the water from the oasis and lived, but I decided otherwise.

It was better to die happy in a false faith that there existed my destination right there at my reach and I've succeeded in my journey...than to have had discovered that my laborious efforts had bit the dust and that my journey set out to find my dream destination never actually existed.

Some dreams are meant only to be dreamt. In reality there are quite different from the virtual images you've created. Don't make an effort to make them true. It would be shocking to discover the truth that they don't stand up to the fancy image you've painted. Better just be satisfied in your dreams.


  1. Very well written n well expressed :)!!

  2. I have an inkling where this comes from....the endless wait fr da realization of a dream...da 6 years spent...da need to break out of a mundane life in search of sumthng dats more alluring....more fruitful....more exciting....brimming with potential...

    nd wen its within reaching distance, the uncertainty about whether it really is what u have dreamt about...always wanted to reach....

    can sense the direct co-relation with a life spent with the sole desire to break free from it and discover more....

    Very beautifully crafted...wonderful expressions...analogies....luvd it all da more coz i somehow understood wer it came from and wat it meant....!

    tc alrit! :)

    P.S: Rogue, cld hav called out to me.....remember, ice does melt into water....cld hav conjured an oasis right den nd der fr u! :):)

  3. wow!!!! Wonderful..wonderful..

    Beautiful visualization.

    Reading it again!

  4. I so loved the narration..the way you have penned down emotions is simply commendable..

    but I have a different view on the dream part..I always believing in dreaming big..do not stop dreaming nor consider them as an impossible thing to get..reason is simple - we humans are very pessimistic about everything..we do not believe in anything easily..we need a constant reminder and presence of something we want to achieve..same goes with a dream..we must see it again and again to make it our goal, to achieve what we desire for..

    never consider your dreams as dreams or something impossible..we chase them for our happiness and we will get them only if we chase them :) so dream away :))

  5. beautifully described.
    nice blog :)

  6. A very interesting ending, Aparna.
    This prose piece flows so well,
    you are a wonderfully "visual"
    writer. I don't know if I could
    have not taken a chance on my

  7. I really liked the ending. Some dreams can't ever come true. I think I kinda feel the same way...It's better to leave it as a dream than try to convert it into a reality. Heck, who cares about reality as long as you can enjoy things in your dream and find happiness? Well, I don't and so I loved the ending. :)

  8. Really good one.

  9. very well writen,n naration is kinda too expresive..kep it up.. :)


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