Sunday, November 4, 2012

My dad's memoirs- Episode 3

(Chronicles of my dad in his own words down the memory lane)

Today whatever I’ve achieved, I owe it to my father. In the SSC examination I secured 80%, standing first in the school and third in the university. I wanted to join Maths group in Intermediate course and ultimately become an engineer.

During those days unemployment was rampant among engineers. Postal department was directly recruiting  those students as clerks who secured good marks in the SSC exam. There were no interviews and appointment letters would be issued based on marks. My father’s friends and well-wishers told him that my good marks would surely fetch a job in postal department as a clerk. They also added that later I could get promotions by appearing for the departmental exams. My father was a school teacher and got a humble salary. He was finding it hard to make both ends meet. My joining as a clerk and earning money would have augmented his income. But he didn't heed to their advice and encouraged me to pursue intermediate course. After completion of intermediate course, again the same predicament was faced. I could join LIC based on intermediate marks and get decent salary. But, he saw to that my aspirations were fulfilled. Today if I’ve achieved additional secretary rank in Government of India service it is all because of his determination to make me an engineer. 
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