Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Thunderbird Stud

I hitchhike expectantly on the highway, backpack on my shoulder
Ecstatic with the escapades that lay to the fore
A splendid black beast bolting in the gusting wind screeched to a halt
As the dust of the road spewed in the air clears, I see ‘thunderbird’ engraved on its throttle

Stubble look, tall and muscular, broad shoulders, masculine cologne
Denim ragged trousers, black jacket, leather gloves, and motorcycle boots
Masked in the helmet, I couldn't see if you had kind eyes
But a kindred spirit you are, helping a stranger on a deserted road

As we ride, the vistas transmuting in a jiffy, we leave behind trees and hills
Flying like eagles with momentum, hair swaying rhythmically in the wild wind
You take sharp curves, like a roller coaster, shift gears, all movements synchronized
My heart races with awe as I see you skillfully taming the feral beast

We ride in comfortable silence, not the awkward silence, mind you
in not feeling the need to fill the gaps between conversations
I let the majestic roar from the bike rumble in the backdrop
For I know the thunder of the engine is  pure music to your ears

The humps on the road are merely an excuse to hold you tight
Besotted I am, my heart feels warm, and a rosy glow adorns my cheeks
I catch you stealing glances into my eyes pretending to adjust the mirror
And hope in the heart of my hearts that you’ve also fallen for your pillion rider

A penny for deciphering your thoughts my mystery man! But alas the helmet!
Are you feeling your heart go squishy like I feel? I wonder
I will rather like the mystery hang unresolved in the air, fearing your answer
For I know you’re a true biker, the beast is your only love, and you belong to no one

I know not where you came from, I know not where you’ll head to
When my destination arises, please don’t ask me to get down
For you and the thunderbird have swayed me off my feet
And I will remember forever this ride with you, my thunderbird stud

I do not know if it is you, or the dark metal horse, or your heady cologne
But I’ve never felt so alive and thrilled with the adrenaline gushing in
Maybe for a short time, but with you I have sprouted new wings
When my destination arises, please don’t ask me to get down

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