Thursday, July 8, 2010

From The Oops Files!

1) That day we were in pharmacology lab doing practicals on frogs. There were dusshera holidays from the next day and we all hostelers were excited to catch a bus and go home after a long time. But the frog experiments usually take a long time and extend even till night :(

No matter whatever excuses we would give to our lecturer to leave the lab early, he would flatly deny it.

My lecturer got engaged recently then. Disappointed that he was not allowing us to call it a day until we showed the results and that the last bus for the day would be leaving soon I thought of lying to him saying that I got engaged and my fiance was waiting outside the college for me. The fiance plan out of all because he was about to tie a wedlock in future and would better relate to my pining eagerness to meet the fiance. Clever , ain't I? Yeah, thank you thank you I know I had a very witty plan !

Oh well, he gave special permission just for me to leave early and boy I was so excited to go home and eat food meant for humans after so many months!

Now no brownie points for guessing this:-

I forgot about that petty lie, but he remembered it so well even after 6 months. During the parent-teachers meet, before my dad he said, "So Aparna, I couldn't get to meet your fiance that day. When are you getting married?"


My dad was shocked!

2) There was just 1 week left for 10th boards and my parents made sure that I literally lived an infernal life. They put a lot of pressure on me and imposed so many restrictions-- no T.V, no internet, no reading novels and comics, no meeting with friends, no text messaging friends etc. I would get punishments from my mom if I didn't stick to the study schedule she designed for me(sigh!).

My parents would visit the temple and pray that I perform well, every evening before exams. They would hide the T.V remote. But little did they know that clever Aparna just knows the secret place too well where mom usually hides things- in the kitchen rack! I had a hell good time watching TV whenever my parents went out.

One fateful evening when they went out, I dozed off on the couch with the TV switched on.

My parents returned from the temple and caught me red-handed.


My mom was very cross at me. It is my belief that if she wishes me 'all the best' before the exam I will fare well. I broke rules and the next day she didn't wish me for the exam and till today I attribute my poor marks in maths for her not wishing me rather than my watching T.V before the exam.

3) It was 10 in the night and the mess food was unpalatable, so we thought of eating out. My friend and I, dressed up well, like hot chicks and thought to have a good time at a posh restaurant. We spent extra time in getting ready and looking good.

Even the waiters at the fast food joint were so handsome!

The smart cashier at the cash counter caught my interest and I had an instant crush on him. We went to him and asked for the menu. My friend spent a lot of time in deciding the order, and I was devising ways to approach him for a small talk. Finally my friend ordered so many dishes for us. Boy were we very hungry! He took the order and asked to pay Rs.700.

Me: Ya, what are you looking at? Open your purse...

Her: What!!?? I thought you brought it along with you!


We were clueless as to what to do next. I had a doubt whether my friend dropped the purse on the way cash and credit card and hers were in it. She is very forgetful. On top of it, this waiter who once felt smart and cute to me, didn't let us go and started demanding money in a harsh way that he can't cancel the order once it is entered in his computer.

It was so embarrassing and everyone were staring at us. We argued with him that he has to respect customers. We just blurted out whatever came to our minds, without thinking and the trick was to shout louder than him, at the crest of our voices to silence him. Finally we won as it was two voices against one and he let us go. I went pink with embarrassment as I didn't encounter such an incident that too in an up-society food joint and on top of that my crush insulted me! :(

We went back to our hostel without eating, and by the time we reached, the mess food was also finished. I slept on an empty stomach and with a broken heart :(

4) Once I and my friend returned very late to the hostel after shopping. We have strict rules that by 10' o clock the doors would be closed. It was 11.30 P.M. While we were in the shop we were unbothered about it, thinking we will plead warden and somehow get in. But we didn't have the guts to confront her while we stood at the gates. She would make a fuss by informing parents and impose restrictions for going out. It was a cold winter day and we were freezing outside. I wanted nothing more than sleeping on my cozy bed right then.

We finally decided to jump the tall and majestic gate. The gate keeper was away and we had to do it quick.I left my shoes and the shopping bags down and with my athletic skills climbed the gate and jumped to the other side. My friend threw my bags and shoes over the gate to me. She followed suit and left her stuff and shoes and climbed off the gate. With much difficulty, and scratches here and there and with a torn off dress she managed to climb to the other side of the gate, but then she realized that she did a stupid thing and there was no one to throw her shoes and bags to us.

We didn't have the strength to climb again and recover the bags also. So we silently crept to our beds and thought to take her stuff the next morning. But the next day her stuff went missing.


All her expensive dresses and books she purchased and her shoes....just went poof!

We couldn't complain to our warden also because with that she would know that we jumped the hostel gates which was according to her the biggest crime.

5) My dad brought 3 tooth brushes. Red for me, blue for my sister and yellow for my mother.

One day I went to the wash room and noticed that my tooth brush was wet even before I used it. I had a doubt that my sister got confused and used mine, so I went to ask her.

Me: Sis, did you use the red tooth brush? That is mine. Yours is blue or something right?
Sister: What? No...all these days I've been using red. Yours is yellow... I am sure.


My mom: What!!?? Red is mine!! I've been using it all these days. You girls got confused.


6) Once I was very angry on my sister for some reason. I wanted to take revenge on her. I added salt in her home delivered favourite veg sandwich which she ordered

The next day, at school's lunch break, being hungry I opened my lunch box. My heart sank after I ate a salty sandwich and spitted it out! I realized my mom being unwell couldn't cook anything and packed the same salty sandwich for my lunch.


7) My cousin used to not allow me into my washroom.I was a kid then. She would store lots of expensive lotions and beauty products in the wash room cupboard. One day I sneaked in while she was away. I took some products and kept them hidden, tied in a towel. Congratulating myself on my small victory I went to the terrace and applied the cream on my face. Very happy with myself I was about to hide them under the staircase.Just then I bumped into my cousin coming down the steps and the lotions from the towel fell down right in front of her !


It seems there were creams for eczema!!


8) It was August-time for juniors to join college. We were final year students then and went to rag some new-looking timid faces and take a pay back because we too were ragged by our seniors. The tradition and legacy has to continue right?

We told one girl to count the number of coconut trees in the campus and give us the answer in half-an-hour.

She turned out to be M.pharm first year....that means she was our senior!!


I counted 43 coconut trees in half-an-hour :(

9) As I am very kind, I decided to give proxy to my friend who bunked the class to catch up with a new flick. My absent friend got attendance that day.

When my number was called, the lecturer noticed me answering the roll-call twice


He told me to butt out of the class and marked me absent :(


  1. OOPS !!! For a s/w developer like me it means Object Oriented Programming Structure ...But you have defined a new meaning to it ..Kudos !!! to You...Funny incidents elaborated in a nice manner...I personally soaked in the incident of Eczema cream...What happeend after that ??

  2. hehe.. lovely episodes.. can relate to so many of them actually since we've gone through the same - the incident in the restaurant, watching tv during exam time when noone was around ..
    lovely site..

  3. hahaha, that was hilarious, all of them. I could relate to the restaurant one. It has happened to me too. Isn't jumping hostel gates so much fun? I have done that too :)

  4. :D :D nice ones....

    I too had crossed gates, (but it was to go away from classes.) it was so much fun...
    many of the scenes have happened with me too.

    liked ur post. :)

  5. Is it bad to laugh at the 'oops' moments of other people?
    Coz I'm laughing like crazy! lol

  6. Read it once and I recall every bit of this. Nice share.

  7. Super awesome... It seems the Devil has a crush on you... How else can you get into so much trouble ?

  8. ha ha ha ha!!! it was hilarious!!!! its nice that u have chronicled them so beautifully!! :D

  9. "All her expensive dresses and books she purchased and her shoes....just went poof!

    We couldn't complain to our warden also because with that she would know that we jumped the hostel gates which was according to her the biggest crime."
    why didn ur fren throw her stuff too to you while she was on the other side and then climb the gate ;)?

    "9) As I am very kind, I decided to give proxy to my friend who bunked the class to catch up with a new flick. My absent friend got attendance that day.

    When my number was called, the lecturer noticed me answering the roll-call twice


    He told me to butt out of the class and marked me absent :(" sigh happens so many times :P

  10. every oops is worth an oops....

    real nic way of writing dear ....just luved the way n style.....i related to loads of them....the tv serial watching in secret or even others too...


  11. You are tagged :)

    Let me know if you would like to do it :)

  12. The M. Pharma student should be given the treatment of the fresher, no matter it was the masters degree.

    She was still first year, that is what counts. Fresher and First Year. You were senior in the college on account of having lived there more than her. :P

    Hilarious Post, are there more in the Oops Chronicles?


  13. Your Oops File are hysterical!
    You remind me of Lucy Ricardo.

  14. he he.. lots of ooopsie moments !!! Some are playful some r downright naughty !!! The 1st OOPS moment was the bestu !!!! :D even visualising that moment makes me go ROFL !!! talk abt AWKWARD !!!

  15. I'm still doing my internship n I'm already missing my friends n dont wanna leave them !!!

    "I did have fun with them and some memories I'll cherish forever. But I don't want my life to be stagnant and revolve around the same people."

    :O :O Is this what people call awesome attitude ?!


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