Sunday, March 1, 2009

On The Boulevard Of Hope Filled Dreams

Two lovers, walking by the lane, I did see,
A leaf, the girl plucked from the tree,
Wrote the boy’s name and presented it to him blushingly.

Treasuring the leaf, the boy,
Kissed the leaf and kept it safe in his pocket,
Took out his pen and repeated the cute stance.

Sweet pleasure from my heart, it emanated,
As I saw that cute blessed couple.
Yet, I felt surging pangs of pain.
My heart ached thinking about you.

Thinking about,
the million miles that lay between us,
to separate our love.

Thinking about,
all I ever wanted to express,
but you weren’t any near to listen to me.

Thinking about,
the passing lonely days,
that I could have spent with you instead.

Staring despondently at your old photographs
that failed to capture your luster and charm…

Waiting endlessly for you to come back
and put a halt to my succumbing loneliness…

My future is all bleak.
Sadness replete.
Living in the past,
And envisaging a future,
When you would be close to me.

Close enough…
To listen to your words
resonating in my heart rhythmically.
But now,
I talk by the phone only to listen to your
distant echoing voice.

Close enough…
To remind me that the touch of your hand
is there to catch me wherever I fall.
But now,
Though I falter I don’t find
an outstretched reassuring hand to care for me.

Close enough…
That I can stare into your eyes for hours
and yet say nothing at all.
But now,
I can only imagine your face and though I want
to say a million things you are not there to lend an ear.

Close enough…
That every dawn I wake up to the morning sunshine
I start my day seeing you blissfully sleeping beside.
But now,
Insomnia gripping me, I lay awake all night
missing the warmth of your self on the bedside.

Unfulfilled infinite dreams
Imbued in my eyes,
Of words uncommunicated…
Of thoughts unshared…
Of moments unspent…
Of emptiness and vacuum filled space…

I live to see the light of the day--
The day when we would meet;
The day of melting miles;
The day when there’s just you and me around,
and all the time in the world to spare.

For your arrival, I wait with eager eyes,
On the Boulevard of hope filled dreams.


  1. Very nice poem. Really beautiful :)

  2. hey that was truly beautiful reminded me of my lost love.. i could actually relate this poem to my story and while i8 was reading this poem,i was only thinking bout him...great way of expressing your thoughts!!

  3. WOW !
    I love your blog!

  4. Thinking about,
    all I ever wanted to express,
    but you weren’t any near to listen to me

    beautifully expressed emotions n pain of being away

  5. Close enough ... Totally awesome !!

    The second half, explaining wait for love is a picture of my heart these days ...



  6. beautiful poem...
    really loved the "close enough" verses....explaining the seperation.....loved em..

    how much time did it take u to write this..???
    My guess is ...days..??

  7. hey.....brilliant writin'....fell in luv......will visit again...:)

  8. Hmm, ok it was really good.. not many glitches there in the poem, so i can't criticise much (damn it :P)

    Anyways, honestly, it was a good poem..

    The writing style could be one with more flow though and the words used sometimes don't do justice..

    But all in all, a good poem!

    Keep smiling :) and keep rocking \m/

  9. Beautiful Heart Touching Poem :) Really Liked a lot:)

  10. I live to see the light of the day--
    The day when we would meet;
    The day of melting miles;

    moved me to tears...i couldnt help but think about my dhakkan while reading this one... not ever sure if i'd ever get to touch him... i wonder why do i love him... but then.. why should'nt i...

    i so wish to go through the structure in the poetic sense...but everytime i read this... i cannot help but cry sweet tears...

    all i can say hell goes the structure...
    this one is the bestest write i'v ever ever ever ever read in my entire life....

    take care and keep smiling... :)


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