Sunday, February 15, 2009

Be my valentine

The boy proposes:

I'll conquer the universe at your slightest wish
and drizzle the shimmering stars on you.
I'll pluck the cresented moon studded in the sky
and adorn it as a brooch on your gown.

Spending my lifetime by your side,
I'll give all the time in the world to you.
You will be my utmost importance.
I'll abandon you for not even a moment.

Covering the thorns in your path by my palm,
I'll bear the pricking pain for your sake.
Protecting you at your every trodden step,
I'll lay down your path with rosy petals.

With this love that bountifully gushes from my heart,
I'll take a lifetime to express it.
Is this a reason enough,that I want to be with you?
I hope you'll accept my love. Be my valentine.

The girl replies:

I don't need stars, they fade at dawn.
I don't need the moon, it wanes after a fortnight.
I see the twinkle of the stars in your caring eyes.
I see a crescent moon, in the curve of your smiling lips.

I need just a speck of grain, in the sands of your time.
I don't care for all the time in the world.
I'll give you your space, I'll give you your time.
You can have your own priorities, I won't hinder.

The thorns have to pierce my heart first
before they prick your protecting hand.
If you stand by me at my every step,
I can endure every thorn with pleasure.

Love me for no reason.
Love me on no condition.
If unconditional love is what you can reciprocate,
then I am your valentine.


  1. Why do girls always have something to say....can't they say a simple "yes" without any condition and reasoning...yeah as far her feelings are concerned they are true but still...the poor boy just needs a "yes" and some "trust"

    BTW I liked your post :)

  2. Hey Aparna :)
    U have got a very nice blog..I love ur blog :) keep up ur good work. :)

    Nice post btw..

    Take care :)

  3. ashish: thaxnx for reading!

    she did say yes yaar but wanted him to give her unconditional love

    u think she was beating around the bush?!

    i know guys always come straight to the point and cut to the chase

  4. shilpi: thanx for dropping by !

  5. this one is a lovely poem...
    written in conext of both bot and girl's point of view..
    it shows ur creative mind.
    well done friend!!

  6. Really nice post..
    Is it ur original experience??

    ~ kunal

  7. mindblowing!..this is the best post on your blog...and keep commenting on my blog too...i update it regularly....

    p.s....i wish i could write as well as you do....

  8. heyyyy aparna rox!!!!!!wonderful the way the girl replies!!!do keep writing such lovely poems

  9. mk: thanx for reading

    kunal: lol...not an original experience
    just my imagination

  10. ninad: thx for such a wonderful compliment
    yeah this poem is really close to my heart...and my fav

    crystal gal:thanx gal!!!

  11. Nice design. you will make a good lover :)

  12. well, what the girl replied about giving time and space is really hard thing to do...and vice-versa. But as I believe, if one respect each others' life and it's priorities, the relationship will turn to be sweeter than honey!

  13. Nice poem. I totally agree with the girl, obviously. But you've written the guy's part very well. Kudos.

  14. Hmmm....comment box says 'please be nice:)' .....but i feel there is no need mentioning that.... really nice poem...kinda not ma cuppa of tea topic but i still liked it...

    K.Sravan Kumar

  15. you hav a cute blog.. :)

    and you write really well.. You hav expressed the emotions very strongly..
    keep posting..
    and thanx for visiting my blog :)

  16. i liked the girl's reply ...the guys part is a bit cliche, but the way u showed both the sides makes the entire thing very interesting ..keep up the good work

  17. Lovely poem Aparna. I was totally floored. Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely compliments. Hoping to get regular feedbacks :)

    This is sooo romantic. The image you've created is just so ravishing !!!!

    Will read your other blogs at leisure.


  18. I love the girls reply!! beautifully written.
    love is not materialistic and it has no room for egos n conditions.

  19. sree: i'm not sure about that. But yes may be i will because i am romantic at heart

    somnath: many relationships would stay intact if there's understanding over the issue of time and spce. It would be good if people grant their lovers this freedom.

  20. aparajitha: i love the girl's counter reply to.
    thx for visiting :)

    anonymous: u should try writing one's really easy. even i thought before that poems are not my forte.

  21. bk: :)

    pooja: cliched?
    promises like these my sound cliched..but they are made with emotion and intensified feelings at heart

    thx for reading :)

  22. adisha: thx for such wonderful compliments sweetie :)

    cutesangel: so true there''s no place for ego in love.

    thx for dropping by :)

  23. great starting this day reading two romantic poems...from this sad n one cute...balanced diet...they call it...

    well...cliches are cliches for a reason....
    they are good n they work most of the times....

  24. Oh!! I loved it.. I loved the way you completed the poetry with the reply of a girl, really the post would have been incomplete without the girls reply.. :)

    And I appreciate the way you portrayed the 100% correct psychology of every single boy and girl.. really, it had been a long time since I have come across something like this.. keep writing!! :)

  25. Mind not, but did some guy proposed you in this manner?? :)

    If not, then really I must say you've got a soul of both man n woman!! :)

  26. its really a wonderful poem....luvd it.....

  27. Aparna -

    hey!! we have the same name!!! i just typed aparna on and i saw this come up. thats a nice poem though :D :D


Please be nice :)

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