Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My terrace

I love my terrace. Whenever I feel sad or happy, I come to the terrace.
I have always been adventurous in finding secret places on the terrace of my home...under the water tank, over the lift room, behind the poles....
Nobody knows these places. No body climbs to the terrace.There are many secret places on my terrace where I can cut off and hide from the rest of the world.

My hide-out: Under the water tank

I find so much serenity and solace here when I'm disturbed.Whether I'm happy, angry or sad, I feel contended staying alone staring the aure sky.

Panoramic view

The sky and the moon always enthrall me. I love sky-watching , counting the stars, bird-watching and observing people who look like ants, from my terrace.

The tower

I find inspiration to write poems and stories here. I love flying kites from my terrace. The panoramic view from the terrace is scenic.I can watch the whole town from here.The BSNL towers are errected on the terrace. I love climbing its poles and sitting on its rungs.



  1. hey aparna!
    its also my favorite place where i sit on the water tank whenever i'm low...its so peaceful!


    wat about link exchange...

  3. very interesting.
    i love all those cool things there which i can explore :-)
    and i too love the 'open' spaces just like u, unfortunately my folks are too lazy to take me out very often.

  4. so huge?? it a palace????....

    nice snaps!!!....grt place for bird watching by the way!!:D

  5. wow great view....must be havin great breezes in evenings...they sure wud inspire me to write...

    is this a new template for ur blog..??i think there is a glitch at the top of the template....

  6. c'mon.. who doesn't love the terrace. it is the bst place on the whole planet for me. jus lyk u luv hiding under the tank and watch the birds fly by. i luv watchin all the cars from ma terrace too

  7. hey there !!

    You're lucky to have a place that's all yours. Thankyou for sharing your santuary with us. Wish you more cherished moments and comfort in times ahead !!


  8. Its nice to have that special place to call it your own!!!

  9. visit my blog...u will like ...writings...

  10. It is every child's dream to have secure (they think it is) location where they want to go and hide .. feels like home away from home ... Some even set up a house with packets of biscuits, water bottle, books etc.... beautiful .. :)

    By the way .. take care while sitting on the tower .. :)

  11. intresting post!
    well described!
    thanks for sharing this place with us...



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