Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pharma industrial visit

Sumages pharma industrial visit

I went to a pharma industrial trip recently to Sumages Pharma Industry and Chemiloids Laila implex.I had fun with classmates in the trip and learnt about the practical aspects of the equipments we use in drug manufacturing and formulation.

Well during the journey we met with a small accident. The bus collided with a tractor driven by a negligent driver carrying rice husk dust. The dust fell on us through the windows. It was very irritating. For a split second I thought we were all dead. Later I was relieved that it was harmless and nothing much happened to us. We got compenstion for the broken window panes of the bus.

Cutting-edge technology equipments and apparatus were all displayed in the industry. Watching all that was like visualising a scene from a futuristic hollywood movie. Eveything was automated by computers.

Capsule granulating equipment

Some of the equipments were capsule granulating machine, nuclear magnetic resonance equipment, HPLC appratus,titrimeter, friability testing appratus, spectrophotometer,tablet strip packing equipment, tablet coating equipment etc.

Capsule filling and strip packing equipment

The titrimeter, and friability testing apparatus

In the botanical germplasm bank, all herbs and medicinal plants were housed. I've seen rats, and mice in the pharmcology lab being experimented.

It was a great experience. I gained so much information. I hope we go to more such trips.


  1. Nice, words were good,just a request,its your blog write your heart out.You were very cautious i felt..

  2. Thanks for your comments,sorry to reply here it was just fiction the character in mind was very shy..not me..

  3. very well put together !!!


  4. hey aparna

    glad that nothing happened to u... :)
    well i don't have any idea about the equipments which you've written about..very bad at science and plus i stay away from it :p
    anyway good goin girl...hope u visit more to these kinda industries...!

  5. never had a chance our principle is dumb just knows how to repeat rulez everytime.....

    gud post !

  6. Good to hear you are safe and sound.Your trip was very educational.

  7. hey thank god you are safe....
    and yes I too hope you visit more industries

  8. r u in pharmacy stream...nice..thanks for yr comment on my blog...keep in touch .....
    by the way it is a very good effort by starting a blog "writers louge"

  9. nice one...had never seen these though had prescribed them;)

  10. Nice work! pictures make it easy to understand.

  11. Hi! Just came across your blog! You have a pretty nice blog! Your profile picture is beautiful :)
    Take Care!

  12. Looks like you had lots of fun in the trip...
    You write well.. keep it up..

    Check out my poem:

  13. Industrial trips are always fun, especially if you have some twists in the Tale ... :)

  14. kool. whn i rea it lukd more lyk an newspar report - an njoyble one too. nd informative too.its nice of u to share ur xpiriences.

  15. i always luv these kinda visits...they r like miniature tours wit friends...

  16. is that header pic taken by you ?

  17. industrial visits are always fun....
    always turns out to be a mini picnic....

    So where were u sitting??
    next to the window or away from it?? :P

  18. nice one....
    as i'm an engg. student...
    bad in bio(pharma and all)
    but then also i enjoyed ur blog...
    gud post!!

  19. Nice, u have beautiful blog..keep writing

  20. industrial visit to a pharma co? sounds kewl

    Are you doing your B.Pharm? just curious...

    Seems you've revamped your blog a bit. Looks Great :)


    do visit my blog sometime


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