Monday, January 26, 2009

Random thoughts - 1

I had the blues because I had no shoes,
until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.

I've read this quote on Koushik's updates.

It really left me wondering for a while.I am so much pampered by my parents. A spoilt kid you can say. When I want something, its then and there that I want it and no second thoughts about that. I believe in leading life in my own terms.

Tomorrow I need to go to college after 1 week long break. I will have to get up at 6 early in the morning and catch a bus. I have been used to getting up at 12ó clock during the holidays. I begged dad to drop me in his car. But the driver was unavailable. I became pesky and started putting a tantrum that I needed the car no matter what.

Dad became angry and said that there are so many in the world who don't enjoy comforts and luxuries like I do. I am lazy to catch a bus to go to college. But there are poor students who walk miles on barefeet to reach college.

It's high time that I should realise my mistake. I thank god for giving me a wonderful and caring family who leave no stone unturned in granting my wants and needs.

Thank you, god. I realised my mistake.
And I will be a good girl and won't trouble dad.
I won't go to college tomorrow.


  1. "......And I will be a good girl and won't trouble dad.
    I won't go to college tomorrow......."

    Back to Ground Zero........ :P
    the whole thinking process went in vain after this line.
    Keep cherishing and enjoying the share of luck you have and yes do thank GOD!!!

  2. lol....who started such series of posts like "Random Thought". I find this in every blog(including me).

    Hey good girl.....try not to be good !!!!

    If everybody tries to be good, then I am sure ur life is going to be as boring as the best girl in ur college.

    read my blog and comment

  3. Blog rolled ya....Nice thoughts!! :)

  4. d last line is indeed a twist i enjoyed a lot..

  5. ashish: i know ! back to square one! I never learn isn't it

  6. asit: i have startrd this random thoughts series..will be posting more of my bare thoughts
    everyone have these randome thoughts..mind loiters when it is idle u know
    thanx for reading!
    i'm a bad girl and will stay like

  7. sayambuvel : i am honoured that u blogrolled me
    thanx for reading!

    sahil: :) thanx for reading

  8. Hey.. You are a good girl buddy.. Just try not to loose your confidence.. Dont ever think negative.. Anyways.. There are some things in life which one needs to change bout oneself.. Like you realized you need to be little responsible.. And not trouble your parents.. Surely do that:-) . but dont loose your confidence n ever think negative bout yourself.. Take care girl..

  9. riya : Thanq riy afor that piece of advice. yes, I won;t think negative.
    So I'll say I 'm a good girl :)

    you too take care! Thanx for dropping by and reading!

  10. Hmm.... hehehe....

    आलस्यम परमो धर्मः

  11. There are so many people who havent gone to college and yet they get a lot of success...:P

    So u have finally realized abt this truth.... :D

  12. u get up at 12?...what kind of human being are u??...

    happy that u realized it [rather u got enlightened!]

  13. I liked the ending more than itz beginning....nice twist!!!

  14. i luv last min twists....very funny...

    n BTW...u get up at 12 ???
    how do u do that...?? how many hours do u sleep...?? grrr...

  15. Dat last line twist was great!!!! i luvd it coz i luv shocks

    now serriously speakin...
    your post was really great coz it was sumthng i identified myself with. evrytym possibl i fyte to take the car to skul. i always avoid bus and use watevr possibl othr dan a bus. thr hav been tyms whn i walkd coz i didn feel lyk goin in the bus. my dad nd mum say the same thing and i kno i'm wrong but i cant haelp it... m too sophisticatd i feel

    and one more thing... ur opening quote is one of my favourite quotes.

    also thr is a typin mistake in d 5th paragraph

  16. lolzz what a true leason u learned :P
    and i found one unique thing in this post that it is small but sweet.
    keep blogging.

  17. Yes we should be grateful for things we have in life ,there are people more unfortunate then us in the world but life isnt that simple to understand.

    "And I will be a good girl and won't trouble dad.
    I won't go to college tomorrow"

    This is being agood girl^^^^^^???lolz

  18. Moral from this write-up

    Never judge the post before reading it to the last word


  19. Indeed,we are much blessed than 90% of the people on this earth.But not all realize it and that sets you apart :)

  20. u found a nice solution to the problem!:)

  21. good gal. Good that u understood that because I still can't understand it. Even I get lazy to go for special classes in bus. So, my dad is forcd to drop me even though he has many other jobs!

  22. abhyu: that's the same principle i follow man! Thanx for reading!

  23. vitruvian boy: i didnt realise the truth even then. that's y it didn't got o college.

    broca: i sleep at 3 at night asnd get up at 12 during holidays. I've got weird timings doc! sleeping early is bad for my health :)

  24. nikki: thanx for reading

    arun: maybe around 9 hrs during hols
    and only for 5 hrs during collge. u have to pity me. I sleep for a short time.

  25. aersh: we sail in the same boat! shake hands coz i am the same lazy kid.

    mistake will be corrected. Thanx for pointing it out.

  26. unlisten: tahnx for dropping by

    cutes: now u know aht kind of a good girl i am? :)

  27. twisted : lol! yes that's the moral

    sophie: thanx for dropping by!

    passionate: thanx!

  28. sameera: really true. There are many in the world who don't even get their basic needs fulfilled.
    Thanx for reading!

    perturbed perceiver: thanx for reading my post!

    ramya: gal! shake hands! Even i am sooo reluctant to use the public transport.

  29. Lolzzz. So cute !!! And totally full of the innoncence of youth.

    But hope the realization remains :)



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