Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's like I am lost...I don't know this feeling

Day after day I think of you,
Of million thoughts I want to share with you!

M: Hey, what’s the matter with you? Why are you in such a contemplative state?

H: I am not feeling myself today. I feel so blue.

M: Oh dear! Pour out your heart to me. May be I’ll be of help. What’s wrong?

H: It’s him. No matter what I do, my thoughts shoot back to him. Every dawn I wake up to the morning light, the first thought that springs in my mind is his. I keep wondering what he is doing at this very moment. Eating..? Sleeping..? Laughing..? Will he be thinking of me..?

Whatever I see…
Whatever I do…
Whatever I hear…
I got me thinking of him.

M: What kind of thoughts?

H: Sweet, mushy thoughts of his. Late nights, when all the world is sleeping, I stay awake and keep thinking of him! I wish I was a star and could look down to him, sleeping cozily in his bed. I wish I was the breeze, and could swish past him and caress his silky hair.

Whenever I miss you, I just stare at the sky... I don't find you there but atleast I know we are under the same sky..!

M: Hmm…you got a problem there! Luckily, I know the solution. I will say it, it may or may not be right, but if it is, you have to accept it.

H: Yeah, okay, what’s it?

M: Is it a crush?

H: No! It’s much more than a silly crush. I can fight the world for him.

I will be there for him when the world stops turning.
I will be there for him when the sun stops shining.

See me! I’m talking in rhymes. His thoughts bring out the romantic poet out of me!
M: May be it is just a phase in life. You’ll get over with it in few months.

H: No, I felt like this from quite some time. This feeling got collected from so many years and is now gushing bountifully from my heart.

M: That sounds serious. Is it love?

H: Hmmm…may be…I am not sure of this feeling. I am in such a quandary. It’s a ticklish feeling pulsating from my innate heart. Does it feel like this when someone is in love?

M: Yes, you have got all those symptoms.

H: I can’t believe it! I thought love is something, which happens only in movies and fantasies. It seems so distant and strange! Oh, what do I do now?
M: You should go and propose him.

He loves me?..He loves me not?

H: I don’t have the courage. What if he doesn’t think of me that way? What if he rejected me and stopped talking to me after that cheap stance. I can’t afford losing him!

M: Then, he isn’t lucky enough to deserve your divine love. You might as well forget it all if he rejected you.

H: That shall never happen! I’ll still keep loving him even if he doesn’t love me back. He will be my man, in my fantasies. I will keep dreaming and in my dreams atleast, we’ll be together. I can lead my whole life just with his dreams. I've learnt that love is not always getting back. It is giving. Love is all about sacrifices. I don't want anything from him.

Worthy of nothing, counting the days still I wish to survive,
Hoping that one day he’ll care for me, for him I’ll strive

M: What if he said he needs some time?

H: I’ll give him all the time in the world. I'm ready to wait all my life!

He could be far away from me for eons...I’ll still keep waiting
He could be at the other end of the universe...I’ll still keep waiting.

M: So when will you propose him?

H: Now that I am thinking about it, I don’t want to propose. This will be my little secret that I will carry to the grave. It’s better to secretly love him than be sad with a broken heart if he rejected my love.

M: I won’t advise you to do that. Be brave. Don’t waste a second to tell him what you feel. Don’t worry of the consequences. Atleast later in life you won’t retrospect and regret that it could have worked if you showed some courage.

H: Yes, you are right. I should be brave. I will propose him soon.

M: That’s a good decision. Go on now! Call up, fix a meeting and tell him you’ve fallen in love with him.

H: Oh no! I haven’t fallen in love with him. I have risen in love with him!


'M' is Mind and 'H' is Heart of a girl who is in love.


  1. well it kinda resembles our online chats...:P

  2. hey its actually gr8 ur heart hears what ur mind sys..or else it wud hv been a diff story... keep writin

  3. get ready for a heartbreak.
    sorry, but can't help though.

  4. be brave just accept wat life gives u and if its the worst case if he rejects u let it be a sweet memory gud luck

  5. Well, the dialogues seem forced. Not realistic - not how a conversation normally takes place. Too precise and wordy.

    But if you consider this whole thing takes place between someone's mind and heart, well....then,I'll overlook the unrealism :)

    It was okay. Nothing great, nothing bad either.

  6. hey ashish...yes it does.remember we r sailing in the same boat :)

    @ jaggu....ya mind-heart conflict is difficult to resolve

    thanx for the advice deepu. u r a sweet heart

    @ pritwish....i was bringing out the desperation and dillema of a girl in love. That's the normal conversation which can happen between 2 girls.Can't help if u feel the dialogues r unrealistic.

    may be the mind-heart conflicts is too much for ur age...u need to be experienced in love to understand

  7. "You can’t make someone love you, all you can do is be someone who can be loved, the rest is up to the person to realize your worth."

  8. Well thanks for this post.Actually it kinda gave me the next topic to work on:).Thank again.

  9. very nice and creative write up...loved it... thanks for sharing... :)

  10. You have a beautiful style of writing, Aparna

    Loved this post.

    I came here to personally thank you for being so kind.
    It was very considerate me you to request stephen to make a badge for the bottom 3 super six people.
    I'm honoured to see you think that our stories were really good enough to be in the super six, and worth having a badge.

    Your consideration itself is quite a good badge for me.

    Thank you so much.

    Speaking of badges, Stephen did listen to you.

    Thank you.

  11. Ok.. let me get straight to the grind..
    A 10/10 on the idea.. great one.. But that's as far as it goes.. a couple of applauses maybe..
    The conversations are unrealistic, simply because they seemed absolutely written down... nothing original or simple about them.. no one talks that way..
    Still, the portrayal of emotions can be appreciated.. very well done..

    Keep up the good work!

    Keep Smiling :)

  12. hey cutesangel...that was nicely said..nice thought! i could,nt agree more with you

    @ movie critic...u mean u'll make a movie on this idea?..if u mean that then u need to buy the patents from me for the original idea....just joking! Thanx for ur comment movie critic.

    @ techno...thanx to u for reading.

    @ riversoul...ur story was really good that i felt it unfair that u couldn't get the badge. Really i read ur post twice..coz there was nice surprise at the end.

  13. hey anwesh...coming from u a 10/10 is a gr8 honour...a harsh critic that u r

    i dont understand y u and pritwish feel the conversation is unrealistic. Heart does speak that way. May be it is too emotional for boys to understand what girls really feel at heart.

  14. One must always listen to both the Heart and the Mind. One can not be right, but both together are perfect.



  15. hmmm......
    let me try to be honest....
    well... u c.... it was...ummm....
    ok ok i can't maitain suspense for long... it was GREAT!!!!!!

    luvd it... luvd every bit of it...WOW

    u brought out d contrast between heart nd mind very well... dis one i feel is ur best work... i luvd it!!!!!!

  16. Ek Dhum JhakaaZ!!!!!!

    ApaRna RaWkZZZ!!!!!

  17. @ lucious lips...i'm completely affirmative with u

    hey aersh..i'm glad u liked it..thanx a lot!!

    hey sravan...thanx yaar!

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  20. Very well written Aparna,its very well written and while reading one can actually imagine them having a
    U can b a good script writer or u are...
    it is something that every individual has passed through and if someone denies then then he is just not being true with himself.
    Most of the times we often make our mind work and convince it to follow the hearth. When ppl say dont follow your heart, follow your actually we follow our mind but the mind follows or gets convinced by our heart!!!!
    We do what we want to!!!

    great writing keep up the good work!!!

  21. It is really nice a conversation between Mind and Heart. Thanks for sharing with us....

  22. hey, that post was musical. Reminded me of what they musiccal movies in hollywood. Talking and singing. :)
    I liked your blog's layout too.

  23. nice one..
    I liked the various designs in your blog.. :p
    I think you gave the best abbreviations 'M' and 'H' deserve. L liked the well constructed poems. They certainly aided your post.

  24. no-one can understand the mystery of heart and mind;now case of love;god save the boy...

  25. but aparna,certainly well written

  26. Is the mind always so brave?
    It's the mind that falters often, not the heart perhaps.

    But anyway, beautifully written.

  27. i like the "I've risen in love"'s beautiful

  28. @ mahul battacharya

    i tried to bring out the fact that mind always thinks logically..but heart is bound to confusions.

    @ all....thanx for all ur comment sfolks..i'm loving it!

  29. Hey...
    enjoyed reading...
    keep writing..

  30. its good to be be clear ones feeling and i think a broken heart is better than a painful heart..


  31. sushant: i agree with u
    thanx for reading

  32. I haven’t fallen in love with him. I have risen in love with him!liked it...!!

    nice one!!

  33. nice one keep up the gud work....

  34. vj sophie: thanx for reading

    nikki:keep dropping by often!


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