Saturday, January 17, 2009

She deserved that for what she did to me

On the morning of her birthday, I went to her home. She opened the door with a wide smile. She knew I would come. She knew I would wish her then. She was waiting. I didn't wish her. I didn't want to. I walked straight and sat on the sofa. She went into the kitchen to get 2 glasses of milkshake. I sent her again to the kitchen asking her to fetch a glass of water. Everything was going according to the master plan.

Wasting no second, I removed the pouch from my pocket, tore it open and mixed the contents in her milkshake. Yes, I wanted to drug her.

She returned and sat beside me with expectant eyes. Slowly she finished drinking the milkshake. Her eyes were drooping. Her head felt heavy. She fell on the sofa with a loud thud. There was a final smirk on my face as I left.

She deserved that for what she did to me. And for how she changed my life.
I was happy, before she came into my life.

The year before, on her birthday, I presented her sparkling diamond earrings. She wasn't looking good in them. Nothing suited her. A waste of money, I thought. She wasn't worth it. I returned the diamonds worth Rs.2 lacs each, to the D’dama’s shop.


On the same day, of the evening of her birthday, last year, I threw a grand birthday party, in my farmhouse. She didn’t witness such a wild night in her 19 years of life. I hosted the wildest party ever—with a disco night, famous DJs from all over the world, socialites and celebrity guest-list, never ending vodkas and martinis, worldwide cuisines on the platter, balloons and confetti, life-sized cake and wild celebration. The party went on for 8 hours straight. That was just for show-off to my friends and for making a style-quotient. In truth, I didn’t want any party for her. I usually loved parties but I didn’t like that one. I watched her from a distance, laughing and mingling with our friends.

It wasn’t what I wanted. I sighed. I wasn’t happy. I was lonely in the crowd. And was frustrated to the hilt.

That was last year.

It would be 20th of June tomorrow—the day of her 20th birthday. There were just 5 minutes for the clock to tick 12. Her mobile would be flooding with calls from everyone. But I knew she would be waiting for my call. Waiting for me to wish her first. I didn’t want to. I switched off the light and went to bed.


I am rich, a billionaire. I loved money. I loved to flaunt money. Another thing I loved was to party. I just lose myself dancing in the parties for I was a hard-core party animal.

I was living my life in my own terms those days.

That was until she came along.

And changed it all.


Last year, during the party in the farmhouse, I hated it all.

It wasn’t what I wanted. I sighed. I wasn’t happy. I was lonely in the crowd. And was frustrated to the hilt.

I felt lonely and frustrated because, I didn’t get to spend more than a couple of minutes with her. We would enjoy intimate moments together but just then someone would interrupt us to wish her. Yes, I love parties, but that night I wanted to be alone with her. I wanted to stare at the night-sky and the moon, lay under the shade of the tree and talk. The usual senseless talk, but with her, everything in the world gets a newer meaning. I’m always at awe at her sensible and insightful perspective about life. I had to learn a lot from her.

And I did learn a lot from her.


I was living my life in my own terms those days.

That was until she came along.

And changed it all.

I wasted 21 years of my life in ignorance. In ignorance that money was the foremost priority in life. I was in a mad rush and hurry to nowhere. Another thing I loved was to party. Partying with the people who never cared for you. I was living in a faked world, filled with people who didn’t have the right attitude toward life. I merely survived. I didn’t ‘live’.

She had the right attitude toward life. She taught me to ‘live’. And not just to survive and waste precious life.

I failed to appreciate,
the breeze and the flower’s scent.
I didn’t stop, to see the moon.
I believed, I was happy
But my joys were transient,

which were to be forgotten soon.

Until one day she came along.
She walked into my life and changed it all.
She taught me how to live.
And to always smile though I fall.

She taught me to stop by and appreciate the beauty of small things—like the fluttering butterflies, the chirping cuckoos, the glazing sun, the starry studded night-sky with the crescent shaped moon, the joy and the innocence of a child, and the vastness of ocean.

She gave me a whole new reason to live--to live with appreciation for nature.


The next day would be her 20th birthday. I wanted to choose a gift wisely. Not like the last time. The diamond earrings I got her on her last birthday didn’t suit her well.

She wasn’t looking good in them. Nothing suited her. A waste of money, I thought. She wasn’t worth it. I returned the diamonds worth Rs.2 lacs each, to the D’dama’s shop.

I mean she already had sparkling diamonds studded in her eyes, that my earrings felt lusterless on her. Whenever I get something, I want it to be the talk of the town. I wanted to make a style quotient among my friends. I wasn’t satisfied with the gift. The diamonds were not worth enough for her. She needed something more worthful…something priceless.

I needed to give her something she wouldn’t imagine in her wildest dreams. Then I got an idea. A master plan. A master plan to drug her.


She returned and sat beside me with expectant eyes. Slowly she finished drinking the milkshake. Her eyes were drooping. Her head felt heavy. She fell on the sofa with a loud thud. There was a final smirk on my face as I left.

She deserved that for what she did to me. And for how she changed my life.I was happy, before she came into my life.

But I didn’t realize my joys were transient and faked. They were not long- lasting. The joy I experience when I lead my life with the attitude she taught me, is long-lasting.


It was 5 minutes for 21st June. I lit 20 candles on the chocolate cake. She cut the cake and I sang the birthday song. The cuckoos and the sparrows joined the song by chirping. The green leaves swayed to the breeze in rhythm. The waves splashed and swished as they hit the shore. The moon and the stars were smiling down to us. I took out my guitar and played soft music. We hummed duets all night and the nature played the background music. It was a full moon night. Perfect. We lay on the sand at the beach and slept hugging each other.

She was more than happy with my gift.

My gift of a surprise trip to the Andaman Islands. She always wanted to go to the Andaman, for the nature there is unspoilt and unhampered.

And I made her dreams come true.

That’s why I drugged her. I wanted to surprise her. While she was unconscious, we flew in the chopper to the islands. When she opened her eyes, she was astonished to see the blue sky enveloping her. She was astonished to see the vast sea that stretched for miles in front of her. She was astonished to see me beside her. I wished her a happy birthday, just when there were 5 minutes remaining for that day to get over. She felt special.

There were tears in her eyes. The tears of joy. The joy in admiration for nature. The joy that I remembered her birthday even if it was late.

Yes, I was late. I didn’t want to be the first one to wish her. I wanted to be the last one to wish her. Because the last wish stays in the memory till the next year. Everyone wishes you at the first few hours of your birthday. But after some hours, the day becomes normal, as if it is not your birthday at all and what remains is the long wait of one whole year for your birthday to arrive. I always believed in last wishes. Just imagine…when just few seconds remain for your birthday to pass away, someone wishes you then and reminds you it is your birthday. It feels good to know that it is still your birthday. Yes, I like last wishes. They are more memorable than first wishes.


I chose wisely this time. The trip was a perfect gift to her. Close to nature. Close to me. We were all alone, with just the two of us and had all the time in the world.

She deserved that for what she did to me. And for how she changed my life.


  1. Its a twister alright. The first few lines don't are quite misleading. Maybe thats the USP in it. Or maybe I should start reading novels more often.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. hey well written seemed like i am watchin a suspense thriller with

    But the guy is too possessive for such a good gal..

  4. thax jaggu for the comment...ya did write to bring out twists

  5. Wow! What a story! Well written girl

  6. I started reading this and thought what ahorrible person to be so mean but I realised afterwards that there was atwist.Good suspense!!

  7. @ kunal and me...thanx for ur lovely comments folks

    @cutesangel...i wanted to bring him out in horrible shades. Glad u liked the twist

  8. A very good short story!
    marvelous twist in the story to bring a happy ending!
    I never knew it was a boy until I read the comments... :P

  9. Not impressed. Will you ever like to be drugged by your BF just to give u a surprise...Will it be called love..
    Will u let your dear one go unconscious even for a fraction of a second.
    Its definitely not love, its flaunting his money,
    Right words at right moments, a right touch at that one moment is far precious than those island trips in bahama's.

    I love this story but will pray that no girl should ever have such false love paradise.


  10. you write well. But on this story, I'll have to agree with Abhishek. The drugging thing is too far-fetched !!!
    Nevertheless, keep up the good work. :)

  11. @ virtuan boy

    u didnt now a boy was narrating the story .... lol


  12. @ abhi

    Thanx for ur critical take on it abhi

    i agree his idea was little far-fetched and far-stretched

    take it this way..he just wanted to surprise her in an all innocent manner..he had no hard feelings

    the drug was just to put her into blissful sleep far a few hours but when she openned her eyes she did get surprised..
    and she liked that

    @ gynophile

    Thanx for ur comments. I'm glad u still liked it

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  14. Simply awesome!!!
    creating this post must have took your good chunk of time... I liked the concept of "Last wishes" in the post...that is very romantic...and I don't agree with few people.... the drugging thing is totally can happen!!!

  15. thanx ashish

    glad to know u share my perspective on this

    yes it did take out sometime to plan everything backwards

    the movie 'memento' really inspired me with the flashback concept

  16. APaRnA whY doNt u go 2 fiLm fieLd n bcum a sCriPt wRitEr.....

  17. i beleive u definitely have a flair for write ups.. many don't...i believe u can be a PRO story teller.

  18. @ maxpayne...thanx ..glad u liked it

    @ sravan
    no wayz..a script writer??
    but i do want my stories to get published
    atleast in tinkle :P

    @ deepz...thanx for the comment.

  19. The twist in the story is very nice. Well written. Keep writing :)

  20. it was just a gr8 story.
    a twister.
    a gr8 twister.
    really liked it.

  21. @ ramya and vinayak

    thanx...nice comments r really encouraging

  22. Hi,Aparna-whew!!That was quite a dramatic story.First,it seemed like a revenge based one,then,proved to be the other way round..and,me being me,I loved the happy ending.:)
    I'm tempted to read the earlier posts,now!:)

  23. @ amit

    see even u were tricked :p
    i love happy endings too
    cheers ~

  24. @ ankur

    thanx ankur for reaidng !

  25. Hey cool space..

    My first time here and am loving ot!!

    The post was full of suspense....the start was amazing....and the end was on a totally different front!!

    Loved it

    Take Care

  26. @ akshat

    thanx !

    peace out ~ ~ ~

  27. Very interesting...the twist was very good..enjoyed it a lot..


  28. hey sushant!
    thanx..i'm glad u enjoyed

    cheers ~

  29. Positive points :-

    1> Twist in the tale
    2> The flow of the story
    3> Timeframe Handling
    4> Narration of the main char's thoughts.
    5> A cheesily warm, fuzzy ending.
    6> The great poetry in between.

    Negative points :-

    1> WAY too far fetched
    2> Poetry seems a bit out of place
    3> Some typos/grammar mistakes
    4> Could have used a better title.

    Overall :-

    Really good story. I liked it a lot! :D The +ve points were way stronger than the -ve ones.

    Keep writing! And sendin me the links :P

  30. thanx pritwish....

    ur honest review is really useful for me to improve

    cheers ~ ~

  31. thanks for visiting...

    your place looks interesting.. i'll come back very soon for a read :)

    happy blogging! :)

  32. It was a good read..liked the start, it raised the interest, especially when one takes the title in a manner of revenge..and then the twist was really a nice surprise..liked it..keep writing..

  33. That was the longest post i ever read, keep up your good work

  34. such a neat work :) blogging world is surely beautiful

  35. amazing eyes were glued to the mind was thinking what would come next...and the end was again superb....i expected the end to be this way but the way you have presented your thoughts is really great....after a long time,i came across such an awesome post...

    and one more thing, thanks for commenting on my blog too...please forward my bloglink to your friends too.....

  36. hey your writting skill is gr8.
    amazing post!!
    last wish on b'day surely make remembrance for the whole yr.
    nice thought..
    keep writting

  37. Okay, I stumbled upon your post like all the others (I guess), nice short story, enjoyed it. It has that mushy touch to it, but the backward and forward motion of the story kept me on it. I'd say you'll make a great author, bring all the pieces together on a word document (not on blogger) and then publish it, I'd def. buy it!

  38. really nice one....never expected that ending[andaman]....!!...:)

  39. Wow...that's sheer brilliance...Amazing stuff..At the end I was confused for i could not really judge whether to hate the guy or to love him..gud one..!!

  40. @ mehreen ...pls do come back for a read.

    Sushant: Thanx for reading sushant.

  41. dolphin: I know it is long. can't resist the flow when i am writing!!

    barghavi: thanx for the lovely comments

  42. @ ninad: thanx for the comment. i'm glad u enjoyed the story

  43. @ unlisten: thanx vish. this time don't forget to give last

    @ yan.. will u really buy them?? tht's so sweet of u yan. The forward backward motion idea was borrowed from the movie memento

  44. broca's : thanx for reading doc!

    trinaa: :)

    kanji: that guy is really good. don't get confused with that. he gave a wonderful gift to his loved one.

  45. Wow! Great twist in the end...the cut to past, cut to present bits were also well placed! Overall, great job there! :)

  46. hmmmmm I liked the story very much, great twist... :)

  47. A tale of love with a wonderful twist asking the reader to figure out what is going to happen next...
    nice way of telling a stoty...I could feel the thriller..well done friend!!

  48. Hmm, ok.. Your story started off with a VERY confusing tone to it.. i mean, what was the past and the present and what was that? Very confusing indeed.. on one go, it's tough to grasp the whole story properly.. so try and improve ur imagery and the words u use..

    The body was alright.. no glaring errors or mistakes.. sentence structures could have been better though.. i mean, u twisted around with the words a bit too much..

    The end was good.. really good..

    I would like to advise, not to twist and turn the plot SO MUCH, cos then the story loses its essence, as u have to stop and wonder.. and think like - 'ok, so this and this happened.. he said this, she said that..' and then u can continue.. u really should try and keep it simpler.. and if at all u wish to complicate it, then it should have a good descriptive feel to it (sorry am mentioning this again :P)!

    The poem was good, but very misplaced, in the sense, it had no real effect being put there in the story.. better lines would have suited THAT particular place in the story..

    Umm, i guess that's kinda it..

    I would give it a 7/10!

    Keep up the good work!

    Keep smiling :) and keep rocking \m/


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