Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dear Santa - The year as I retrospect

My room,
India, Asia

25th December 2008

Santa Clause,
Teens wish granting wing,
Head post office of Artic circle,
North pole

Dear Santa,
Thank you for my new patiala dress my mother bought last week. Everyone told me that I looked pretty in my pink patiala. And also thanks for giving me 'gone with the wind'. I wanted to read that book from so many months. Would you get me 'Andromeda' by 'Micheal Chricton' this time? Please do something to convince my parents to take me to a trip to Araku valley and Vizag. I'm dying to go there! Please give good marks for my li'l sister in her boards. Please keep my parents healthy and happy.
I tried baking a cake in the new oven we bought, Santa. But it didn't come out well. Never mind that. When I'll be sleeping on my bed at night, leave Andromeda novel by my bedside.Please don't forget to bring some other nice gifts in your sleigh for me. I have hung extra-large sized socks by my bedside so that you can leave many gifts. And yes, the socks are not stinking. They are washed and perfumed.
I want to relate to you some notable events which happened to me this year. I'm alerting you, this is going to be a long letter!
I’ve seen bright days. Dark days. Been happy. Been sad.
I had an eventful and momentous year. Last Christmas I wrote a letter to you asking for fulfilling some wishes. They had been granted. My heartfelt thanks to you.

My birthday in April went fine. But I couldn’t enjoy much as I had to take 2nd year exams the next day. I am happy with my 2nd year results…77%…I couldn’t have asked for more.

I had a great summer. I had been to an adventurous trip to Bengaluru, all by myself, for a whole month. I had a great time with cousins and old friends --Sup, Souj, Prash, Skanda and Pri. I miss Bengaluru now. My heart roams in the streets and lanes of Jayanagar. While I was on a morning walk in Jayanagar one day, I saw a beautiful Bungalow built in wood and bamboo with creepers adorning the gates and with a green garden around the house. I had decided that I would come back to B'lore to buy that beautiful house when I started earning money. It would be mine someday. Hopefully.

And then 3rd year started…back to the same routine of college and studies. I took part in poster presentation on the topic ‘microsponges’ in Vishnu College. We had pharmacy week celebrations in our college. I took part in the essay competition. As a part of pharma week programme, we pharma students went to a nearby village for surveying the commonest diseases people suffer and the drugs they use. We had a rally on the topic ‘safe use of prescription medicines’ and we had to convey the message with banners and pamphlets. It was a nice experience. That day I felt I was a true pharmacist and I did something to help the society in my own small way.

Last Sunday, I was very happy. Nobody could be so cheerful and merry. I was the happiest person in the world. I was flashing smiles to everyone I came across, for some innate happiness was surging inside me. It happened for the first time ever with me that I was that happy. Until then I thought I was an unlucky girl and that my wishes were never granted. I had a spree of jolts and sad moments one after one, again and again, few years ago. I forgot to smile then. But on that Sunday I was happy. But something was constantly warning me and I had fears that smiles at present are a premonition of ensuing predicaments in future. It is a sin to be so much glad when so many people are suffering. Some omen was hinting me that this was just the calm before the violent and boisterous storm and sadness would claim my smiles.

And precisely then I got a call from my classmate saying that the results of 3rd year, 1st semester were out and I didn’t clear pharmacology. I was so shocked! I couldn’t believe that. She had to be wrong! I wept bitterly for sometime. There was no way I could have flunked in it! It’s my favourite subject and I always scored well in it. I wanted to do Masters in pharmacology. And here someone tells me I failed in it! What could have possibly gone wrong?? Why did that happen to me? How could I show my shameful face to my parents, who expected so much from me, had so many hopes pinned on me??

Later I got a call from her again, that she heard the results wrong and that I had cleared all the subjects. Thank god for that! I was so much relieved. For a few moments I thought that all the world for me was lost and that the ground was swept off my feet! I was in utter confusion and distress. I would never forget the despair I went through. But it made me realize...what if I really couldn’t clear a subject? I promised myself that I will always study well and never allow such a situation to ever rise. Santa, please promise that I will fare well in my studies and career. My studies are always my priority.

Tonight I will celebrate Christmas with my sister on the terrace with some nice music playing. I have nicely decorated there. Hot and tasty bread sandwiches are on the menu. I’ve downloaded ‘Rab ne banadi jodi’. My sister and I will be watching the movie on the terrace.

Have a merry Christmas Santa! Thanks for giving me such a wonderful year and I hope that all the years which follow will be as promising or even better than this year for me, for my family and for everyone in this world!

I have been a good girl this year. You know what exactly to give me right? If I stayed up late, will you hug me?

Say hi to Rudolf for me. He might have a tough time tonight carrying heavy load of Christmas goodies in the cart.Is it very cold there? Get yourself red coloured warm woollen clothes. I will write to you next X-mas again. Happy New Year in advance! Bye!

Love, Aparna, Age 19


  1. hope Santa grants ur wish to visit araku :) its a beautiful place.

  2. 19 and third year of college!!?? that is seriously some achievement!

    Btw.. it seems you've had a nice year.. what's that with the novel Andromeda?? Would have helped had you dropped some lines.

    Nd ya hope Santa grants all your wishes

  3. Good one.. Hoping Santa gives it to you. Merry Christmas

  4. Sweet Letter :)

    Merry Christmas !


  5. nice one:)...
    same thing had happn tome in first friend had misinformed me abt my result...was just shocked for few days!!!...

    enjoy the movie...its really good:)

    [appr ur charity works:)]

  6. to all my blogger friends..

    i want to convey a good news

    i could not be happier!!!

    the year was gr8 indeed..

    i got my 3rd yr 1st sem results just now

    i got 77%....same as my 2nd yr...our class topper got 81%

    and i was scared that i didn't clear pharmacology

    thanx santa!

  7. Nice comment.... Hope all u guys had a gud xmas... Wish u all a joyful new year too....

  8. Merry Christmas :)

    That's a sweet letter, and congrats for scoring HUGE..

    BTW, Jayanagar is heaven on earth.

  9. Nice post from a very childlike teen !
    wish all ur dreams come true!

  10. awww.... dat was cho chweet...
    seriously dat was really a sweet piece with great presentation.
    I luved every bit of it especially those smalll detailings

    Merry x mas nd hope santa grants all ur wishes

  11. Wow!
    Something for a change
    well written comrade

  12. hope santa granted ur wishes....

    u've said about being misinformed about the exam marks na...i had a similar thing...but i was on the other side...

    Yep...i misinformed my pal...while he was drivin...he stopped his bike then n there ...n started whining n went really sad....i rechecked the marks ...n found he had passed...i slowly told about my stupidity....n he got really angry n he made nearly 5 calls that nite....jus to scold me....

  13. Hey Aparna do u knw this kinda instances are quite common....some of my friends have tried to shock me too with wrong results.....
    and yeah this must be a gr8 year for u as this was ur final year...... u must be feeling some relief as u r abt to be a graduate..... isn't it???
    well I hope the next year also brings loads of hapiness to u

  14. a very sweet letter aparna :)
    and hey.. congrats !!!!
    hope you have a gr8 year ahead!!!!:)

  15. Aparna that was the longest letter i read. But it was sweet and honest, i enjoyed every line. Happy 2009 advance and hope all your wish comes true...

  16. Wish you a Merry X-mas and New year !!

  17. Hmm, nice.. this was one of those "ohh am so lucky and i need to write a thanksgiving letter" kinda thing... really sweet..

    Had some glitches here and there.. but then.. that happens with everyone..

    This is the second writing am reading of urs and u definitely have a writing style.. a bit weird kinda style..

    Anyways, not getting into such kinda details.. as promised :P

    Good stuff...

    Keep writing.. and yeah, Hope u have a good year ahead..

    Keep smiling :)

  18. Enjoyed reading this write up of yours and thanks for sharing...

    Vamsi... :)

  19. I hope "he" grants all ur wishes for as long u live...that was written from the heart, keep goin...

  20. Am crazy over really are outstanding in academics to reach 3rd year so fast !!! thanks I didn't read that you r working somewhere ;)

  21. hey happy new year!
    nice post, but the quote in the top right corner just blew me away.

  22. wow congrats on clearing your exams.
    saw ure blog link in orkut.

  23. Wow!!! What a write-up....!!! is how I would exclaim in one line and thats my 1st reaction...loved it..

    It was an honest admit and u seem to have had a great year....good good.. hope 2009 turns out to b a better year...

    Count me a regular here!!!

  24. Hey u have got a really nice blog..Pls add your blog link at

  25. Someday, you'll read this blog entry again and smile.

    Adorable, cute, little pharmacist you!


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