Friday, September 28, 2012

A slip between cup and lip

I am saturated with the marathon holiday break that I have now. An idle mind is a devil's workshop. I pestered my parents for almost a month to grant me money for buying novels to pass my time. I prepared my wish-list of all the novels that I wanted to read since an year. My town doesn't have a good bookstore. So I waited till we went to a two-day trip to Kolkata. The itinerary was tightly packed and both the days were reserved by my mother for trips to Kalighat Durga mandir and Dakshineshwar Durga mandir. I requested fell on my parent's feet and begged to take me to college street, where I heard that there is Asia's largest book market selling novels in second-hand. Finally, they obliged. I went hysterical with so many options of novels available. I picked 13 novels and waited for the moment I could come to my hometown and devour them page-by-page. My mother purchased infinite Bengali cotton saris at New market.

I and my mother had to return to our hometown while my father had to stay back on office purpose. Our luggage weighed more than the prescribed limit of 40 Kgs specified for cargo on the flight back to home. My mother made me leave all the books with my dad but did not reduce even one sari of her's though I was repeatedly pleading her. It will take two months for my father to return from his official tour.

The previous day I stacked all those novels into a tall tower and was jumping with joy at my acquisition  The next day I was dejected at the airport as I had to leave behind my bag full of novels.


  1. Your mom could have accommodated you by shedding a few saris for a couple of novels keeping in mind 20 kg was your quota!!.But moms are moms.What happened to your hand bag.You could have hidden easily two books.
    You could have indicated the names of novels you bought or showcased them in a shelfari.
    Truly a slip between the cup and lip

  2. Congrats on finally getting those books! I too am an ardent book-lover. I stayed in Kolkata for a year and used to devour books at the Oxford cafe's Cha Bar. :)

    About your question about the 'reply' option, let me think how I got it. I guess I didn't have to do much to get it. I'll let you know soon!

  3. That is really sad. I have been to the College street many times while i was studying in Calcutta ( that was years ago), it is indeed the best place to buy all kinds of books.
    I remember roaming around college street with friends, it was really wonderful shopping for books there.
    Again there used to be a big market for books in Madras called the Moore Market, that too was a treasure, till the market got burned down by fire.
    Ask you dad to just send all the books through courier.
    Happy Reading!!!

  4. Life is sometimes so ironical na !


    Loved reading your post - leaving back books is really very painful. I would never want to do that ;)

  5. @ KParthasarathi: You wouldn't believe if I say she carried saris even in my backpack and hand baggage which were bulging out with weight

    And unfortunately i carried a small wallet and so the books couldn't fit.

    @Rama: That's what I did. I asked my dad to post 5 books which costed Rs. 200 keeping aside the fact that I could have bought 2 more novels with Rs. 200.
    Thanks for reading my post!

    @ Me: Leaving back books is painful indeed. I don't lend books even to my sister. Books are really special.

  6. @ Divoo: I will make sure to check out the place you mentioned on my next visit to Kolkata.

    Thanks for reading!

  7. Hi Aparna,

    I thought hard but really didn't remember how I got the reply option in the Comments section. But I know that I didn't do anything extra to get it.

    Try this: Go to Settings › Posts and comments, and change the value of 'Comment Location' to 'Embedded'. See if this change helps!

  8. Don't worry Aparna. Anticipating to read those books are fun. Brings more excitement. Like waiting for your "favorite person" to show up.

    1. I am eagerly waiting for my Dad-"my favourite person" to show up with my favourite books. Its been 2 months. I miss him and also my books.

  9. Ha ha. Just visit a second-hand bookshop in your city and buy them once again ** in case your father might also not have space in his luggage bag** If you read too many books, its better to buy a eInk Kindle and download books electronically.

    Destination Infinity

  10. hmmmm well you should have couriered the books before hand .. :) hopefully your dad should get them for you :) but you can always buy them again ..



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