Monday, September 3, 2012

The solitary blue stiletto

I and my blue mate
Encrusted with Swarovski crystals
Snake-skin leather, lace of velvet fleece
Heels pointed slick and shiny
Couture of Jimmy choo
Trend setters straight from Milan
Meant to see the glitz of glistening parties
Mind you... not any ordinary footwear we are
We often mock our neighbours-the dirty pair of sneakers
Of their futile existence, sans, style or substance
Regret why you keep us beside them
Being worn to drab unglamorous places
Biting the dust on potholed roads
Next to us they don’t even stand a chance
Because we are The blue stilettos

I and my blue mate
Endured your weight
Transformed your awkward gait
into a cat-walk on the ramp
Treaded and pranced miles
Made you stand inches taller
Elevated your confidence
Enhanced your persona
Fashionistas complimented you
Appreciated your style statement
 Designed to impress a woman’s vanity
We were your fad
Addressed to your whim
Jumped in your gambol
Pity you! Though we discomforted your feet
Ignoring the shoe-bites we gave
You suffered us stoically
Because we are The blue stilettos

But as my mate is lost.
I stand alone. Blue. Neglected.  Jaded.
A lonely sole in the closet
Waiting to be picked
Waiting to be dusted
Waiting to be worn again
Meant to see the glitz of glistening parties 
Missing the tick-tick rustle when tapped on the floor
The dirty sneakers stand proud and sturdy
They mock at me that I am all alone
Alas! You abandoned me in the shoebox
Choosing the dirty pair of sneakers over me
Ordained to a twist of fate
I know it wouldn’t be late
that you would totally dispose me off
Because I am the solitary blue stiletto

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  1. A good thoughtful compilation Aparna !! Keep it up ! Its difficult to understand the emotions a stilleto can have, but definitely worth reading !!!


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