Sunday, November 8, 2009

Special day

It was a special day for me. Would it be special for him too?

I had no particular plans as such for my birthday. All I wanted to do is head to the beach and gaze at the orange sunset with him.

But I had to go alone. My heart was sure that he would still come later and erase my loneliness. He could be angry with me, but I know his anger would melt on my birthday. He would soon stand beside me to make us a sweet couple.

The beautiful sunset and its image glowing on the sea, waves splashing out against the rocks, cool breeze flowing by around......all this brought a smile onto my face. It is everytime that the sea looks this beautiful.

I don't know why, but I never noticed all this before. Maybe it was because, at those times all I used to think was about someone else.

But this time, there's no one else to think about.

With a broken heart and tears rolling down my cheek, I wrote 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME' on the sand.

Everything was the same...same place, same time of the year, sane sunset, same waves, same breeze....but the absence of him made a huge difference.

A wave came swirling and erased all those words. Others would mark out that as bad omen. But I considered those waves as a friend who came to wish me 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'.

All the sad memories and thoughts melted away and I celebrated that special day with the nature around. My loneliness on that day was hurting me, but those waves who came like an uninvited pal in my party were like a sparkle in the darkness and an elixir to my wounds.

P.S: Written by my 16 yr old sister, Akhila.


  1. Nice..well written!!!
    So true sometimes we are not to see whats thr in front of us...

  2. lil sis fast fillin da elder one's boots, eh!

    bt seriously, nicely dun! likd it! :)

  3. imagination splashes across the banks of the heart ....
    isnt that a wonderful way to celebrate Bday? :-)

  4. Imagination splashes across the banks of the heart. Indeed, it is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. I have a friend who celebrates his birthday who plants a sapling every year.

    Akhila wrote all this? If the answer is yes, well, then this comment needs to be deleted! For all that I can muster on my blog, will not get past the gates here. Phew!! Such clear thoughts and amazing clarity in expression.

  5. nice writing.....birthday party in a lonely beach with sea waves..

  6. as mav has said.. lil sis fillin ur boots...

    She writes in d same way as you... narration wise... may be cos u wud have pestered her to read all ur writes...

  7. Loneliness is bliss... this post... yeah, it kinda carried me away from here.. Thanx

  8. Thank you sis for sharing my thougts to the world.

    Now I(aparna's sis ) have my own blog.

    Please drop in there.

  9. very sweetly written by your sis n the best way to celebrate birthdays

  10. special words for special day.. very nice read..

  11. WoW!...Nice...
    Some time we recognize that we are too lonely...

  12. so truely expressed dear:)...last birthday was a little sad to me too:)...well done:)..loved it

  13. nice written:)
    serene thoughts

  14. this is outstanding.."Others would mark out that as bad omen. But I considered those waves as a friend who came to wish me 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'."
    its reallly minnd blockin....


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