Saturday, October 31, 2009

Acknowledgements of my upcoming book

I thought of a wonderful plot for my novel which is going to be out in the near future. I hope some reputed publishers like the manuscript and agree to print my work. So people, watch out for author Aparna's upcoming book!

Here's the preview of the acknowledgements page just for the benefit of you folks! Well, they say that a work in development should not be revealed before it is ready, but here it is anyway.

A huge thank you--

To my Parents, for buying and letting me read novels rather than academic books. For their patience to bear my tantrums and pocket money demands.

To the Jayanagar street pirated novel sellers, for making all the wonderful novels available at an affordable cost. Never mind that some pages go missing and that the print is bad.
For taking pity on me and not trying to sell pirated copies of this particular novel.

To my best friend Reeha, for proof reading the entire novel and making umpteen suggestions. (Finally by incorporating all of them my novel didn't turn out the way I wanted it to be!)

To the heartthrob and imaginary Nick, with love. For making me smile whenever I think of his name. For making me experience what love, fantasy and pain is.

To Edward cullen, for letting me imagine him as a temporary boyfriend until I find one. And for introducing me to fantastic creatures like vampires and werewolves to dream all night.

To my sister Akhila-the little menace maker, for giving me various ideas to write this tragedy novel. Without her my life would have been peaceful and I wouldn't have had a first-hand experience of troubles and tribulations.

To my Kolkata brothers- Prithwish, Anwesh and Aersh for being the inspiration behind writing fiction.

To maverick, for always kindling sparks of inspiration in me to write beautiful, heart-touching masterpieces.

To Ruben, for pointing me out that my life could be interesting too during the times I felt my life was monotonous.
To Ste and Rashi, for introducing me to a creative writers union called 'Writer's lounge'.

To Arun Kumar, Brocasarea, Ashish Gaurav, ani_aset, Aritra, NJ, cutestangel, Nazish R for always going through the kilometer long blog posts I write. Thank you for the patience.

To Nevil, for being Avalanche and making me his Kitty.

And here's the plot of my story.

Actually I only thought about the acknowledgements and how the cover page is going to be till now. I'm still racking my brains for a good story. So folks, pray that some brainwave strikes me soon!

P.S : Please refrain from buying pirated copies of my novel even if it costs Rs. 600.


  1. Eagerly looking forward to buying it. Please offer discounts to people you know and who sincerely drop comments on your blog. Watch out for me as well.

  2. Hey Dear, Curiously Waiting For Your Book To Release :) :) Pls Do Offer Discounts :) :)

  3. Where's the plot? Not visible for me :) Is your book available in the UK?? I hope it is :D

  4. Ooops!!!!600 bucks i have to sacrifice many things for buying that :(.
    Anyway hope a brainwave strikes u soon!!!!!!

  5. coming here after a long time ...

    waiting to buy this book...only make sure that it is not expensive and available in small cities(I belong to a small city...)

  6. @ rosh : don't book will be international !!!

  7. thanx fr da mention! honoured to figure in der!

    waitin fr da book! wish ya luck wid ur brainwave! :)


  8. lol...hope so:)

    and this time also am buying pirated ones!)

  9. :) good luck Aparna...
    hope ur brainwaves strike you as a storm !!!
    will be waitin for the book...

  10. haha.. i will go to those jayangar guys only and buy ur book... sentiment u see... :P

    But seriously.... let that something strike ur head ... We expect nothing less than a bestseller... ;)

    All The Best...


  11. "To the Jayanagar street pirated novel sellers, for making all the wonderful novels available at an affordable cost. Never mind that some pages go missing and that the print is bad.
    "---shabash :)
    I started saving to buy the novel :)

  12. All the best Aparna...m eagerly waiting for your book.
    Dont worry will definitely not buy the pirated copy of your book.'
    M just hoping your brainwaves strike as soon as possible and m sure u;ll definitely come up with a lovely story as u always do...but this one is gonna b special... isin't it!! :)

    Once again all the best :))!!
    do keep us updated about it!!

  13. First time on your blogger profile and have to admit that you've a good sense of humor! :D Hope you chance upon a nice plot! Good luck!

  14. god i read the long post thinking you ll atleast mention the tag line of the story :)

    nice random thought to test others patience.

  15. lol!! good one...

    we think alike..

  16. I have just gone through your aknowledgment page.............

    Wish your book may published as early as possible........

    Just tell me when your book will in market..

    Surely buy your book and read it...


  17. Ha ha.. this was a nice ploy. :D
    Hope you get a nice plot soon. Good luck! :-)

  18. there is somethin for u:) collect it dear


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