Sunday, April 10, 2011

Didn't mean it

In the labyrinth of life we treaded together through thick and thin

But lost I was, so utterly, with just one faltered step away from you

And all the right steps taken before didn’t even matter.

Like the each railing of the track of a train, we became

Heading for the same destined end, but on parallel paths.

Can’t for miles see our ways merging, even beyond horizon.

I could sit with you for hours without saying a word

And could walk away feeling we had the best conversation

where we were comfortable in not needing to fill in gaps of silence.

Or I could sit with you for hours rambling on incoherently

Speaking about everything under the sun without mincing words

Because I know you wouldn’t judge me even if I spoke utter nonsense.

Enraged, ‘I won’t talk to you ever’ was what I said

Alas, this time you couldn’t perceive that I was talking gibberish

And that I didn't mean a word I said.

Thickest friends we were, our intimacy and friendship all assured

I hurt you inadvertently just once. Bitterness remained on,

And all the sweet moments we laughed together were all forgotten.


  1. Sigh..i can so relate...

    Beautifully penned and spoke of the hurt...loved it :)

  2. a poem i can say felt each line and each word....

  3. Little misunderstandings can have devastating results if not resolved in time.
    But then, sometime, we never look beyond our ego, and neither does the other one and things that could have been corrected are left forlorn. Maybe we could try breaking the jinx.

    Nice one.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. that was beautiful.... really loved reading it.... keep on creating such beautiful pieces of art aparna :) loved it

    take care and keep writing.........

  5. I hope you cleared the misunderstanding or it would break my heart otherwise. Very well written.

  6. been here...
    lost someone very special...

    nice post friend :)

    Take care n hugs
    The smell awaits you

  7. Really nice always your poem speaks of in-depth emotions.
    Enjoyed reading your always.

    ...Life Is A Rollercoaster, just gotta ride it...
    Hey!!!What ever life gives..
    Say Hello to HAKUNA MATATA!!!

  8. beautifully written !!!
    have no words to praise it further... it's just perfect.

    good work.

  9. Words can be really dangerous..goes to show how careful we shud be before letting em loose

    Nice visiting ur blog after so pretty sure my name won't ring a bell :P


  10. Nice one!..inviting you to visit and like our page.

  11. Nice one!..inviting you to visit and like our page.

  12. loved the flow , the use of words to elaborate the essence of a situation.
    nicely penned.


  13. Love poem Aparna. You've been awarded the most Versatile blogger. Check out-


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