Friday, January 15, 2010

Article to The Hindu's Collegian collumn

More than the news, 'media' is in the news these days

Media is irrefutably the fourth pillar of democracy,but it should not misuse its vested responsibility in the aegis of its constitutional prerogative of 'the freedom of press'.News channels in order to gain TRP's and to have an edge over their competitors are in a mad rush to telecast sensational tidbits in the name of 'breaking news' before others air it and in that process fail to check the credibility of the same.They compromise on facts and draw conclusions from vague data available,and by the time the authenticity is crosschecked, enough irrevocable damage would already have been done.The attack on reliance outlets and misquoting of Shashi Taroor's statements are just two such instances which clearly reflects media's professionalism or lack thereof.Editors of print media and heads of news channels should assert their reporters not to rely on personal views, biases, rumours and dubious websites and insist on fetching news only from reliable and verified sources.


  1. on similar lines, the hindi movie 'Ran' or war may be an interesting take on media.

    Also if u like to write stories, we like to read you here !

  2. all everybdy cares is trps and public money!!..

  3. Easier said than done though. I have always thought distastefully about Indian people and how they excel at creating Much ado about nothing. Like Bal Thackereys reaction to the name "Bombay", or the wide reaction to Khushbu's comments on Premarital sex, or the incident at the Manglorian pub. Where are all these losers when, say, the Mumbai attacks happened? Did they wet their patriotic and righteous pants?

    I haven't looked around your blog much yet, but it looks very attractive on a first look. Blog rolled u. don't mind. :)

  4. First, Congrats on getting the article published... Good job.. :D

    Yeap.. The Indian news channels hype-up anything n everything... n play with ppl's sentiments to raise their ratings... especially in the past 4 or 5 yrs... n its an uphill journey from here to change their news making methods now.. especially cos of the competitiveness between em...

  5. ramgopal varma is painting this on canvas with "Rann"....lets see...

    hows u aparna? long timeeee :-) :-)

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  7. your post has something similar lines with the Ramgopal latest movie "Rann".

    One thing more you writes really well.
    keep writing :)

  8. Media is no more a pillar of's like a money making business which can do anything for profit.

  9. 上班好累哦,看看部落格轉換心情~~~先謝謝啦!!........................................

  10. The sell because we buy it .. It's as simple !

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