Sunday, July 5, 2009

Skulls and skeletons

I wake up from the eternal sleep
staring into inky blackness.
Can't bear the stifling putrid stench
trapped in the stale stinking air.

Shock engulfed I sniff to realise
that it is me emanating the foul reeking odour.
I run my frail fingers
with long inches of dirty unclipped nails
beneath thousands of dainty unkempt braids,
my face hung slack, bloated and pale,
scarred and wounds untended,
the skin loosening and wilted from within,
gaunt eyes sunken into sockets,
bones, sinew and brawn exposed.

A bare perishing corpse is all I am now,
stripped off attire and aspirations,
shivering in the cold of the chilled stagnant air
embodied in filthy green moss and strings of cobwebs.
The organic remains of my body
mingling into clay and sand.
Bugs, worms and infesting viruses
crawling and creeping into my skin
and eating my insides.

My body might have aged, but did my soul?
Lying still and helpless in the lugubrious coffin,
brooding in impermeable onyx I reminisce,
digging into the glints of dwindling memories.
Vague flashes of images stream across
of how life once used to be--
I chased surreal dreams
But now, in the end they didn't even matter.
My dreams died unfulfilled
along with my mortal self.

My perennial soul refuses to cease existing.
Trapped in the decomposing dead body
windowless and numbed
to the perceptions of the outside world
unaware of the colours to see,
of music to hear, of textures to feel,
of savours to taste and aromas to smell.
I wriggle to be released, to rise up dead.
and break open the lid of the coffin
to realise my unfulfilled dreams.
But I don't find my spine and legs
All that I have is a rusted, crippled body
decaying little by little with a gordy odour.

The very blood that once coursed
through my iridescent veins
providing my every inch with life,
now clotted and caked,
turned a shade of stygian brown,
and froze in timeless age.

Residing in the murky dark hole of 6 feet coffin
I experience veiled in the
hollowed gravity of infernal hell,
that is sucking me into a pin-point hole.
Loneliness grips me,
tearing my already shredded self.
Pitch darkness consumes me ,
killing my already dead body.

My name now that nobody utters nor remembers,
is confined to the faded etchings of the tombstone marble.
'Rest in peace' it is engraved.
But regret, grief, sorrow return to claim
my life and peace even after my survival.
Neglected by loved ones who have forgotten me,
they pushed me into deepest corners of their memories.
I spend my time waiting for the reverberance of footsteps
of someone coming to offer me flowers.
Alas, the obliterated path to the graveyard is oblivious.

I feel pain but not the physical pain,
because I don't have a body anymore.
Not even the emotional pain
because I don't have a heart neither a mind.
It's rather an inexplicable crunching pain
radiating from where once my heart was
to the debilitated extremities.

I hear ghostly cries in the cemetery
of other spirits like me hauling
and pleading to be let out,
to seek revenge against those who live
unconcerned and indifferent to our deaths.
Rage gushing and spurting out my crumbled body
I break free of the corpse in resurrection
and join my brotherly souls and zombies.
Armed by axe and daggers in the spooky full-moon light...
we bellow together like a pack of wild hounds...
and vow to haunt and plague all the living...
and scare them to death.


  1. Awesome write... The best i've read in today's morning... You've laced it flawlessly... the last few words were haunting n chilling...

    "I wake up from the eternal sleep
    staring into inky blackness."

    he he... yeap.. u woke up from eternal sleep... last post in may 8th... :-)

  2. now dats wat i call a deep dark post....nd u say u cannot write dark ones.....dis one was oh so creepy...I mean da vicarious description was way too much.....nice crafted wid an awesome feel to it....i luvd da last stanza wer evrythng culminates into resurrection nd revenge! Wonderful work!

  3. this at some places felt real a soul talk or something and the intresting thing is that it never seemed to lose its figurative poetic essence!
    I Loved this work!

    tc god bless!

    keep writing aparna!
    ur real good at it...perhaps this was one of the best poetries to be read by me in recent times in blog world!


  4. Apzzz(upz)....BAcK wid a BanG...:):):)

  5. Ap's...I am dumbstruck after reading this,its ur best post in the blog..the fiendish description,spooky narration and best of all is the whole idea.Now iam sure I know what death is like.Hey,girlie,be honest how do u know soo much about after life or life inside a coffin?Iam getting scared now,hope you dont turn out to be some ghoulish creature..please Ap's dont plague me.I promise to come to your grave daily!!!!!!!!

  6. A very emotional read ... love "My perennial soul refuses to cease existing."

    Hope in the face of despair , I believe ...

  7. Gosh!! this was brilliant !! glad i reached this page while blog hopping ... a deep dark write but really inspirational in a away !

  8. nice blog. visit my blog

  9. oh man thats dark!
    like it...maybe a theme for a rock metal song...

    Its so amazing you've got a beautiful blog like you're so happy abt these beauties of life and then you name the blog, "Life Takes"...Arey baap!

  10. After MJ's THriller....Its Aps THriller

  11. dark very dark..what are you up to?? i hope all is well:D

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