Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rants of a single life

Being single is like a double-edged knife. Weighing its pros and cons, here's a self analysis post.

Single life : A bane?

Being single has a lots of negatives. Firstly life is very dry,dull and dab. I feel jealous of all my friends who are committed. They are always happy and keep smiling for no reason. I wonder if it has something to do with their boyfriends.

1)They excitedly run to their phones when it rings hoping it would be their bfs. While, I get annoyed and curse my mobile when it rings, only to disturb me.
They giggle to themselves reading sms's from their bfs and keep messaging very frequently, feeding their bfs with information of what they do every second.
"Hi hun! I just washd my face now. Wht's up wid u? Lotsa kisses. Muaaah."
They have an up-to-date knowledge of all network offers, like which network offers free sms's, free within network calls, 10 paise per minute calls, happy night free hours etc. They start getting worried if their mobile balance runs lower than Rs. 50. They go to the nearby grocery shop atleast twice a day for buying top-ups.
And me?
If I have balance in my phone, my roomies ask me if they can make calls with mine. I can't refuse also. So nowadays I don't bother to recharge.My balance even if it is at 20 paise, I heck don't give a damn.

2)One of my Bangalore friends is blessed with 2 boyfriends. A backdoor relationship. She says she can't remember what she said to each of them and gets confused often.
One day, her bf # 1, she and I went to Branded factory. When her bf was selecting an outfit, I saw he had the vote ink dot on his index finger. I asked him to which party he voted for. I have respect for people who use their vote franchise.
A week after that we went out with her bf # 2. While he was waving to us, I saw the vote dot on his finger too. I asked him the same question. My friend instantly blurted out, " How many times will you ask him?" He was bemused and said to her that it was the first time I was asking him. Their was a shock of realisation in her when she found him on the verge of getting doubt on her. Her bf # 2 is very suspicious. It was hard for me to control my laughter seeing them both. Then she regained, after he didn't seem to doubt anything. We both winked and found the whole thing funny later.

But the good thing is that she gets double of everything. Double gifts, double flowers, double love....

3)Remember the scene from 'jannat' where the girl stares into the window display of a ring. Emran walks into the showroom and breaks the window to get the ring for her.
Well, I stare at so many windows of so many showrooms at pretty much everything gloomily with a long face,unable to buy jewellery I like because I'm broke most of the times. I always wait for my Emran to come. Alas, there is no one to steal for me :(

4)On the way to my room, one night, I stopped at the grocery store to buy some items. Just then a boyishly handsome guy stepped into the shop. I only could stare at him with my jaw open. I was waiting for him to look my way. Maybe just one of my sharp killer looks will be sufficient to lay him. He didn't bother to look anywhere. He just walked into the shop, asked for airtel night balance recharge coupon, recharged his mobile and started speaking into his phone excitedly. My heart broke then into a 1ooo pieces! Surely he was already committed. That explains the night balance.

5) My friends choose spending time with their bfs rather than spending with me. Everyone in the hostel go out somewhere or the other with their lovers and I am left alone in the room :(

My roomie once was very generous to take me out along with her bf. So we went to Metropolis mall in threesome.
But I regretted going out with them. I was like a hurdle in their path for romance. They were searching for chances secretly for kissing etc etc, whenever I turned the other way. I felt very embarrassed and cheap to come along with them only to spoil the fun for them. Later in the elevator, they found a private space. They made an excuse that they needed to buy something. They made me wait down at the coffee shop. The guy offered to buy me a pastry so that I would be engaged while they go to the elevator to do their thing. I knew what trick was playing in their mind.I was so irritated at them to keep me waiting that I intentionally selected the most expensive pastry on the menu. My friend's bf just gulped and silently paid the bill and sat me down alone at the table. I was so sure that he scolded her gf that she brought me along. I was a pain in 'there' to them. But I got my revenge. Why bother to invite me when they wanted to spend intimate moments?

6) I went with 2 of my friends along with their bfs to Mc D. We girls were thirsty and hungry . We waited while the guys went to order for us.The guys got glasses of water and burgers for their respective girls but not for me. I realised I had to fetch water and food myself and joined the queue.

Single life : A boon?

1) I need not bother about what I wear. All my other friends, buy expensive branded clothes and dress up hours to impress their bfs. I pick up clothes from the streets and don't even bother to check into the mirror when I get ready.
At this point, I always have an argument with my friend. She disagrees with me and points out that singles need to take extra care for dressing to impress and lay a guy for entering into relationship.

2)My bank balance always grows. I don't spend money on cell phone bills, greeting cards, gifts, flowers etc. I buy for myself.

3) I need not remember important dates like the day of proposal, his birthday, the day of first kiss, the day of first.....

4) I live my life by my own rules. Nobody dominates me. Some of my friends have bossy bfs.

5) I have a pleasant night's sleep. Rest of my friends wake up all night, shaking away their sleep to call their lovers, using the night balance.

I still can't resolve my dilemma. Is it a bliss or a curse?


  1. oh poor girl!
    I hope you soon find someone and ....

    BTW I'm also single ;)

  2. dat was a very detailed analysis! ur list of da banes is surely longer dan da boons! nd da amount of thought nd da passion wid which u wrote about da banes should actually provide you all the answers! ;)

    lemme tell u dis....if u want sumthng to happn...make it happen! lotsa guys out der wld feel lucky if dey had take ur chances! wish u luck wid dat! :)

    tc! *fingers crossed* ;)

  3. lol...i like being single...

    dont worry we r in the same pond!!:P

  4. Hello Dear, Even I am also single :D I Love being single.....Being single is a blessing :)

  5. hey really one of ur most wonder ful post...liked it..
    However one a serious note pls dont force urself to fall in love...bcas an unhealthy relationship is the worst thing to happen to anyone...

  6. Hello,
    your post was quite interesting for me. Especially the one about your doble love friend's story. She seems funny.

    Well, getting committed is not a big deal, i think. But finding a real luv is the big deal. You may not be getting someone to hangout with now. It may be because, the fate is keeping someone perfect for u...(eventhough i don believe in fate stuffs...)

    gud luck..
    visit mine too

  7. lolz what a list ,I am sure yo will make changes to this list once you find someone your self!!!

  8. Good one Aparna :) I'm sure you'll find out the answer soon enough :)
    BTW I'm following you now :D

  9. Every person has their day .. :)) When we were in hostel , each one " fell " one by one ... and finally each one had their own " Things " to do ...

    I know I needn't but surely your friend knows isn't asking for trouble having two bfs or ignoring you is wrong or that taking you along and then trying to coochie coo is rude or that the gentle manly thing to do is get stuff for u too ... I only Hope you were kidding in half the post, coz Gurl , u surely deserve better friends !!!!

    No offense meant !! Being older by a decade, I guess I wonder where people's manners have gone ... :D Sigh !!!

    As for being single, you Just need to find a couple of girls who are single too or with better friendship values coz Single life Rocks with the right set of friends to be with and Being with someone is even more Rocking Only if that someone is truly special ... :D

    The right guy will look at you n number of times and each time tell u , u are the most beautiful thing he's ever see ...


  10. he he...
    Nice post...

    Yr life is a boon if u think so....
    or else its a curse....

    Hope u find a good boyfrd soon and all those points which came as curse arent applicable for u and yr new boyfrd..
    good luck... :)

  11. Totally awesome post aparna....
    Same is the story with me...

    He he...Made me smile all the way...
    U ve gone thro a lot of comic moments...

    I agree with adisha.... Single lyf is hyper grt with friends...
    N'joy bein single.... Luv wud seep it's way thro your life in due time....

  12. just enjoy being single :D
    very well written post though

  13. That was sweet! But single life is not boon. Its just that you choose your own burden, Freedom! =P

    Good post!

  14. i swear i m ready to steal the jewellery for u...if u will steal one car for me....then we will spend whole life in jail...happy ending yay,,

  15. i notice that your bane points are more and lengthier than your boon points!!!!
    but according to me being single is a boon even though even i have had the exact same experiences as you have had...
    pretty good writing..

  16. Nice Post, Nice Thought, Nice Style.

    If you hadn't been single, you'd not have got to write such a long list coz you wud've been out with your BF doing stuff that your friends do (except the elevator kissing thing)

    Anyways I won't advise you regarding love but life gives you a dose of everything! so have fun


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