Friday, July 11, 2008

Bad luck with guys!! Part - 1

I always have bad luck with guys...


I gave some tops of mine to get them pressed to a laundry wala with a 'gaadi' by the streetside. He said something in Kannada which I could not understand except that he was asking me to collect them at 7.30 in the evening. So, I went to my room and returned at 7.30 P.M, only to find out that he was nowhere to be seen. I quickly disregarded the thought that he ran away with my tops...cute expensive tops which I purchased from Commercial Street. I must have seemed very innocent and gullible. I really did'nt know what to do. I was sad and I went back to my room reassuring myself that he might have retired early from the work for that day and he would be back the next day.

So the next day I went to that street but he was'nt there. But his gaadi was tied to a pole there. So I thought he couldn't have escaped with my clothes with his cart left there ater all.

The next day I went again. And this time expect what...his cart was also gone! This was when I started getting worried. I asked the passer-bys about this dhobiwala but they diddn't seem to know much. There was a house nearby. So I knocked their door with the hope that they could be of help.

An elderly man opened the door. He was very hospitable and friendly. He didn't seem to know much of the laundry man but wanted to help me inspite of this. He said that he would call me to inform if he returned. He called out some 'chintu' or 'pintu' ..i don't clearly remember...for noting down my mobile number in a book. I expected a 10 year old boy. But no! It was a handsome young man...very dashing in looks, tall and good-looking. This elderly man explained everything to his son and his son came forward and asked my mobile number! I went bonkers then. He looked into my eyes and bent down his head getting conscious and blushed a little. It was then I realised that I was eyeing him and staring for 30 whole seconds involuntarily .O.k I am not a big sucker for guys but he was really good-looking. Stammering, I gave my mobile number(I was still in shock at my luck).

I seriously considered asking his mobile number so that I can call him out asking if this ironwala returned or not. Its being very dificult for me to walk all the way from my room till there. On second thoughts I felt it would be stupid and I would seem desperate( i hell was!).

Later this elderly man called out, 'bahu! ek ladki aayi hai. Usko pani do'.

You might have already expected what happened. This bahu turned out to be the wife of this young man. She was very pretty and of the traditional sorts. Embroidered sari, jingling bangles and a big bindi....she looked very innocent and beautiful. She handed a glass of water to me and her husband each. He smiled at her..killer smile..very wide and breath-taking! They made a cute couple. I think they were newly weds and the chemistry was still afresh between them.

I gulped down water(i really needed that) and went back...partly sad at the tragic ending and partly angry at how silly I was.

The next day I did little detective work and found out this ironwalla's home(Nancy Drew style!). I got my clothes back and scolded him for running away with my clothes. I never received any call from this handsome man.

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  1. really u should outsource ur publicity department of ur blog to me and I guarantee u 10 fold times response what u get now!!!!
    better luck next time with guys!!!!
    btw.. are girls also desperate??


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