Friday, July 11, 2008

Bad luck with guys !! Part - 2

Yet another incident prooves my bad luck with guys...


I went to IBM at indiranagar, Bangalore with my classmate. Her brother -in-law is a software head at IBM. Next to the building of IBM were all other software giants like Dell,HP, Yahoo! IBM was ultra-modern and so majestic. The security was strict. They gave us visitor's passes and we had to wear our ID'S compulsorily. I was filled with awe at the workplace. Young software employees were busy in their cabins working with their laptops, checking files, making phone calls and all. Girls were pretty with their corporate trousers and men were well-groomed with suits and ties. I thought if I studied engineering I could have had a chance to work here. My classmate shared my thoughts too. She showed me her brother-in-law's cabin. We went to the pantry and did hell of a mischief there....playing with the coffee maker,mixing different coffee flavours, loud jokes ..all unlikely things decent computer employees would do at a sophisticated place like IBM. They couldn't help smiling at us. We had cappuchino and expresso. I liked cappuchino but expresso was very bitter. We made lotsa mess in the pantry. In short I had a great time. We both planned that we will marry a software worker from IBM. We both were amazed at the sophisticatedness of the place and grew in love with IBM.

My classmate took pictures of mine in different poses. I was walking seriously talking in a phone just like any CEO and she clicked my picture. And then I was standing at the entrance busily glancing the content of the files and she clicked my picture. Anyone would believe that I work at IBM after looking those pictures. Then we saw one empty cabin. We sneaked in, I sat on the chair. The name plate read 'Shubodeep Rai Chaudary - Team manager'. I started typing in the computer as if I owned the cabin and wore his specs. My friend clicked that picture too.

The next day, there was a naming ceremony of my classmate's brother-in-law's 5month old son. I was invited. All IBM workers were also invited. I joked to her that I was on a mission to impress Shubhodeep Rai Chaudary and I will take extra time in getting ready and will look my best. I was searching for him frantically in the crowd. Even she was searching for a handsome IBMite just for fun sake.

So our guy comes. doubt about that. I was looking at him from one corner. He was shaking hands with his co-workers. Next a pretty lady in sari stepped beside him (sigh!) And as if that was not enough...a 2 yr old kid gave an entry beside them!!

My friend and me looked at each other..winked and had a hearty laugh at the whole thing! It all seemed so funny at the end.


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  2. best of luck for next encounters wid guys!!!


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