Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tum Se Hi-Jab We Met

I'm downloading movies from the site and watching loads of good ones.Thanks to my friend for suggesting me the site. I watched this movie 'Jab We Met' a couple of days ago.Cute movie.Kareena was damn cheerful.I liked her attitude towards life.She teaches us to take life as it comes and to handle tough times with a bright smile.

'Cross the bridge as it comes'. -- Keats

Loved this particular song 'Tum Se Hi'.Meaningful and romantic lyrics.I liked the the antiphony humming from behind 'Aa aa..aa aa…aa aa..aa aa.. aa..' This is a lovely song..while listening to this song you feel that this song has been written just for you.The words are straight out of your own life.It makes one feel the presence of loved ones though they are not around.The song takes you to a different world altogether..the words spell magic and capture you heart, making you sing along everytime the song is played.

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  1. Yeh
    nice movie...just loved it...

    and particularly the song, sung by silk route vocalist mohit chauhan...



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