Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Gosh! It's my mom's b-day!!

I was gossiping with my room-mate lousily in my hostel room one night.It was almost 9.00 PM on 1st november.

I was telling her, "Today is November 1st.It is Aishwarya Rai's birthday...the most beautiful woman on earth. And tomorrow on november 2nd, it is Sharukh's birthday."
She asked, '' When is your b'day?"
Me: "April 20th....Its a long way ahead.What kinda chocolates do you like?"
Her:"Dark chocolate.I want plenty of them.Accha, so when is your sister's b-da├┐?"
Me:"March 3oth"
Her:"And when is your mom's b'day?"
Me: "Nov 1st.My mom makes special dishes on that day and visits the temple.I never forget to wish her that day and...". I was continuing to talk but noticed that her jaw was dropped in disbelief.
She almost screamed at me at the crest of her voice," so what the hell do you think the day is today...huh!!??''
I answered very obviously, ''November 1st...what happened? why are you asking?". Looking at her expressions it suddenly occured to me and I almost screamed, "November 1st!!!! ...Damn!"

It completely ran out of mind that it was my mom's b'day that day! I was so absent-minded.I remembered Aish's b'day but not my mother's!! And my mom is definitely more charming that Aish.I was so ashamed.
Wasting no second, I ran to call my mom and wished her a belated happy b'day.She was very happy that I remembered her b'day atleast at the end of the day. She didn't complain a bit.

Thanks to my friend for reminding me. My mom would not have been angry on me if I didn't wish her but she would be very happy if I did wish her.


  1. Yeah, I know it's difficult to remember all the dates :)

  2. Thats called divine providence, that your friend reminded you that it was your mother's birthday, thats good it all worked out!

  3. Hi! I've read your blog. So nice. I'd like to suggest that your template is not so friendly to read. Please change your template so that it can be readable with ease. It's so dark. Use light one.


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