Sunday, August 16, 2009

Moonlit blossom

Adorned was the night sky,
with the full-moon ,
encircled by polka-dotted stars...

Petals of the inchoate night lily bud
unwrapped one-by-one...

The lustrous moon
enthralled the lily...

The lily was swept away
by the moon at first sight.

The moon caste its image
on the pristine waters of the lake.
Basking in the shimmer of the moon
the lily blossomed to its prime beauty
night- by- night into a fully bloomed flower.

Admired the moon secretly
from a distance…
Adored its aura scrumptiously
for many nights…
Attempted to lure the moon
by its luscious petals…

It anticipated eagerly, until twilight
for the moon to arrive
and illuminate the night sky
with its pervasive milkyness.

Wondered why its lover,
shrinked night-by-night.
Nonetheless, it was awestruck
at the variegated hues
and the versatile shapes
the moon transmuted into every night.

After a fortnight...

It amassed courage
to reveal its innate feelings.
The lily waited that night
anxiously for the moon’s arrival.

But alas the moon didn’t return that night.
With jaded dreams, the lily pined for its sight.
Dejected it was…

Confused it was…

Forlorn and forsaken in the cold, murky waters
it withered and perished that very night
and was immersed
to the unfathomable depths of the lake.


  1. superb poem aparna..loved the love of lily for moon :)

  2. awe inspiring poem Aparna...
    I luv the amount of imagination that has went into this work...
    for some reason, I find this poem super cuuuute... Luv it...

  3. It is beautiful!!!! the fat dat u tuk a subject as intricate nd intimate as dis nd did more dan full justice to is humbling......

    The relation between the lily nd da moon...a simple metaphor expressed wid vividness such dat it makes one juxtapose life wid it!

    Awesome work! luvd it! :)

  4. very nice! i especially liked the part of the reflection! well written! :)

  5. beautiful! u have a way with words. but u may want to tweek ur blog template a lil bit.

  6. nice poem.....liked it....really well written

  7. lovely poem aparna!

    Obsession!! Ah obsession!!

    Obsession Kills!!!


  8. Lovely poem. I seriously take a bow. Cool writing :)

    I once tried writing a prose and ended up scratching my had for 2 hrs with no result :P


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