Saturday, May 2, 2009

Speaking Silence

Attempted the TAT prompt at this site. The concept was to write a story using this picture.


There was no sign of her. He searched frantically for her everywhere.

Where could she have possibly gone and why?

And then he found a tear-strewn letter in her room.


I’ve seen you suffer enough. You are not happy with me anymore. I’m an onerous burden on you. You are tolerating me stoically.

I could see your muffled cries and sadness all the while. You thought I was blind to all that? I‘ve only gone dumb, not blind!

I’m not meant for you anymore. You deserve a better girl - someone who can sing duets along with you in a honey-laden voice. I’ve lost melody in my life. Life lost its melody to me.

Don’t look forward to me. I’ll be gone very far by the time you read this.

I want you to stay happy. And just remember that, out there in some corner of this world, a girl will be happy because you are happy.

With hugs and silent love **

He dropped the letter in utter disbelief. His world came to a standstill. His heart refused to pulsate anymore. Pangs of pain throbbed in his temple.
She’s the only one I ever wanted. She’s the reason I live. And she deserted me like this?

Before he knew his eyes welled up with tears and blotched the letter. Tears – droplets of emotion trickling from the vents of soul. A relief to bottled-up pain. So easily that they come, the harder they go. So hard to suppress, so hard to contain.

How he used to love her silky voice- so mellow, soft-pitched and soothing to the ears! They would seldom sleep, whispering mushy, cheesy things and chuckling till late night. And ah! her chuckle – resonating and sugary sweet. They would laugh all day and never answer the calls. They were the inseparable love birds.

That tragic day, where they met with an accident on the way to a trip, is still freshly etched in his innate memory. Not that he wanted to forget it. He wanted to remember it vividly and later levy payback from God.

God! Why did you have to do this to her? I'm grateful we survived the accident. But did you have to claim her voice in return?

The car tipped off the hairpin bend of the hillock. His door broke open and sent him tumbling down for a few feet into the valley. Shock engulfed her, pain radiated eccentrically from her heart, and she let out a screechy wail at the crest of her voice. Blood trickled from her mouth and she fainted.

He caught on to the branch of a tree and survived the accident.

He healed well, but she ruptured her vocal cords irreparably. No hope, the doctors said.

He could never hear her calling out his name anymore. Never could she talk, sing, joke, shout or tease. All that remained was her reverberating silence- a silence so dense that would pierce his ears and made his heart numb.

She would sit on the terrace all day and stare into nothingness, puffy-faced and eyes brimming with silent tears.

She forgot to smile. He forgot to smile.

Sometimes she would loudly squeak out in despair and wail endlessly, cuddling to herself. He would then take her in his arms, caress her tender lips and silence her by kissing them. And then he would look into those piercing eyes, which once sparked a twinkle; now they only bore an expressionless, rigid look of helplessness, pleading him to liberate her from the shackles of her world of spooky, numbing silence and a life so still and stagnant.

There were so many things she wanted to say, so many things he wanted to hear but...


I know of all the places where you could have possibly gone and I’ll find you. I’ll never let you go from my life.

The lake was her second home- so serene and pristine. That’s the only place where she could have gone to seek solace. The silence of the still waters and the tranquil peace of the environs reflected her silent soul- unhampered with noise and in sync and tune with eternal cosmic peace.

Yes, there she was. Tapping her feet in the icy cold water, reclining on the wooden footboard and staring into the vitreous blue waters of the lake in utmost harmony.

She heard his footsteps approaching towards her and wondered how he came to know about her whereabouts. He sat beside her and looked into her eyes questioningly.

She took out his pen and wrote an answer on the paper -

I know you long to hear an explanation. I know you pine to hear the words ‘I love you’ from me. I don’t want you to put up with me. You are obviously frustrated with my silence.

Of emotions unsaid.....
Of emptied conversations...
Of thoughts unshared...
Of words uncommunicated....

There’s a huge vacuum tearing us apart. I’m afraid one day, you’ll stop deciphering my silence and leave me. I wanted to end it all before you would.

He was moved with the letter and hugged her tightly, never letting her go.

He looked into her eyes. She looked back into his.

Their eyes connected.

Their hearts communicated.

They didn’t need a language.

Nor any word.

Nor a voice.

Music erupted from the deepest of their hearts.

Melody seemed tangible.

He seemed to convey without words -
“Crazy girl! How foolish of you to think that way! Never ever leave me. The next thing you know, I would do is end my life. You should know I am in intense love with you, no matter what. Don’t you know I love you so....?”

She seemed to say, “I love you too and ....”, and she couldn’t go on further. She was unable to contain how lucky she was to find such a caring soul-mate.

He looked at her passionately and filled his eyes with her image. Blushing, she held her head down.

She was so happy. He was so happy.

It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart
without saying a word, you can light up the dark
Try as I may I could never explain
what I hear when you don't say a thing

The smile on your face lets me know
that you need me...
There's a truth in your eyes
saying you'll never leave me...
The touch of your hand says
you'll catch me whenever I fall..

You say it best...when you say nothing at all.


  1. Its late nite...i wanted to study for my internals on monday...n exactly the story i needed to keep me away from the i'm searchin for a good movie to see...damn the fellow bloggers...

    Btw....great story...a bit on the sadder side...

    n bein a doc...i must let u know that there is a surgery for vocalcord reconstruction.... :-)
    Please inform 'her'...

  2. hey aparna, here through the writers lounge. Found this story very deep and intense. though it ends on a negative side but the flow is very good and more so the narration!!

    thanks for being the 1st one to comment on my 1st post in WL.

    if u wish pls do drop by my blog too

  3. arun: erm, doctor it was just a fiction

    ah well, she would be happy to know that. He would be happy too


    remember tht sivamani movie?...aisn loses her voice forever

  4. hey... lovely story but didn find much of a connection between the pic and d stry. the girl's dialogues seemed a bit forced. they were not real type... i mean we don usually talk or think that way. it was not natural

    and yes, i agree with Arun. even though this was jus a story yoy have to be correct regarding every fact. that is the first rule of story writing. we are not writing fantasy here!!!!

    apart from these to faults, the story was very touching and saddening... but was filled with "unspoken love"

  5. beautiful....I luvd it to da core! Luv wen it manifests itself so strongly always impresses me....I just wonder hw dis doesnt cum true dat often in real life!
    But awesome story, Aparna! lends credibility to my stand dat ur as good a writer as der can be! keep writing! liks dis one very much! :)

  6. You commented onClear Recent DocumentsNot necessary just to take effect. If you don't it will take effect the next time when you start you pc.

  7. about the post... had every thing romance, emotions, accident etc...

  8. Nice one Aparna, I must say. You have got a certain style and panache in your writing. Even though the subject seems a bit common but your structuring has made it beautiful. Keep writing...

  9. Good one Aparna. Like the way you write.
    keep it up.

  10. Nice...actually the concept was also very interesting!!!

    Well written and the best part was the last line "You say it best...when you say nothing at all" this line goes very well with this story and the right way to end it!!!

    Good work...cheers!!!

    take care

  11. Whistle whistle whistle!

    I am being nice :P The whistle was in applause! :D

  12. A concept - totally deja - vu, yet it evokes feelings of being there.. Can identify with the characterization, can feel the pain in it..
    Loved it!!

  13. Nice story with a sad tone. Liked reading it.

    Thanks for participating. The First contest at Tell a Tale is on in 2 days time. Will look forward to your participation. Best of luck.

  14. Welcome to Tell a Tale, Apparna :)

  15. Nice heartfelt, expressive post Aparna :)


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