Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lip-smacking delights!!

I’ve got refined tastes for food. I am ready to commit any sin in the world in exchange for these lip-smacking delights!!

C for Chocolate

A chunk of fudgy chocolate delight…yummy!

With the pervasive aroma of roasted cocoa beans and the tempting sight of irrestibly rich dark-brown color, I transcend into an altogether heavenly world..!

I savor the taste of melting goodness on my tongue and treasure the sugary sweetness on my taste buds. The soft chocolate moulds tickle my senses. When I feast on a chocolate bar, music seems tangible and vivid images erupt into a wild dance! The world seems to disappear into a momentary oblivion. It evokes fervent fantasies in the deepest of my hearts. My time and space go out of sync with the rest of the universe. A bite of chocolate sinfully inflicts me with inexplicable pleasure and euphoria!

Do not dare to disturb me when I am feasting on a chocolate bar!!!

T for tea

Its snack-o-time!!

This beverage gives me the ever-essential kick and bouts of active jolts for my senses. With just 1 cup of this frizzy hot drink, I get recharged for the task ahead!
This power drink reloads me with activeness and energy required to burn the midnight oil for exams and I keep gulping down oceans and oceans of it. I feel drowsy, restless and withdrawn from the surroundings, with lack of interest and initiative, if I skip tea in the evening snacks-time. And if there’s a pack of crispy biscuits to complement this steaming beverage, there’s nothing more blissful in this world!

I am kind of addicted to this mind stimulant! Someone help me!!
M for mutter paneer masala

I can’t resist salivating at the very sight of this Punjabi dish!!
(Even right now I am going bonkers by seeing this picture above. I am off to pester mom to make it soon!!)

Chunks of diced fresh paneer cubes fried to a golden tinge, studded with garden-fresh green peas marinated in spicy gravy along with crisp kulchas, stir up a tangy tingling sensation in my mouth and I am left bemused. Cottage cheese dumplings impart a unique taste. I munch down to my heart's content and seem to demand more and more till it appeases my hunger pangs!

I am ready to surrender myself and do anything in this world for this treat!! Now you know my week point :)

P for pani puri

I seem not to be content with how many ever gol-gappe I guzzle down! It is such a delicious snack to be eaten during evenings with friends.

I’ve gained over-the-years expertise in gorging down larger-than-my-mouth-sized gappas without spilling even a drop of masala pani down. And the pani-puri walla selling on the cart on pavements might get tired hatching the gappa, stuffing it with spicy fillings and simmering it in masala pani and in no time I seem to gulp them down! I really don’t understand my friends when they complain that pani puri is too spicy and hot for their taste buds and is very cumbersome to eat. They have tough time swallowing the gappas and make a mess by spilling everything.

Ready for gol-gappe contest with me?

Oh, all this talk about food is making me hungry!!


  1. amazingly i agree with each and every one of your descriptions...!!

    i have a weakness for all 4 of them!! along with many others...!

    and now i badly want muttar paneer!! - im totally making that when i get home tonite!!

  2. my salivary gland are already stimulated!!:D

  3. I share the same passion towards golgappas. Nothing bogs me down, not even friends poking fun!


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