Sunday, October 12, 2008

Arun Bhaiyya

It was the day of Raksha Bandhan. All my friends were excitedly couriering rakhis to brothers farway. I didn't have any brothers. I was silently watching them...thinking about him...thinking about the Shatabdi express..thinking about why we lost contact now...thinking of his voice calling me choti...thinking of the train music which was ringing in my ears.These memories were stiffling me and I was carried down the memory lane to that day........

His last words are still reverberating in my ears. It was on the running train, my station was about to come. It was time for good-bye's. I did'nt want the journey to end.Not now...not ever. I wished I could travel for eons with him as if my only destination was the end of the universe itself.

I was on the train back to my place from Bangalore. It was a sultry summer and the afternoon siesta was engulfing me. I was drowsily staring into nothingness outside the window and stiffling yawns, when he walked into train at Bangalore station. Tall, handsome and nice physique...thats what I noticed the first time. His wife was waiting outside bidding good-bye.

I started reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. I don't talk to strangers usually. I was immersed in the fast-paced plot of the book when he started introducing himself and broke the ice.I was startled.

Him: Hi! I am Arun. I work in Navy as a navigator.
Me: Eh..hi!..umm...I am Aparna, finished 12th.
Him: That book you are reading (pointing the novel) ..I've already read it.It's a nice one.
Me: Ya, I feel the same too. Have you watched the movie ' The da vinci code' ? Its by the same author.
Him: Did'nt watch the movie but I read the book. Angels is much better.
Me: Where are you from?
Him: Basically from punjab.But I and my wife stay now in Bangalore. Recently I got a job in navy at Vizag. I came to Blore for holidays.I am rarely at Blore nowadays. I miss my wife.

I've seen his wife. She was very pretty.Later he told me that she is from Hyderabad. He told his love story of how he met his wife in the same train a year back, exchanged numbers, talked frequently late into the night, fell in love and eventually married by eloping. Neither of their parents were happy as they married against their wishes so they came to Bangalore far from their wrath.

Listening to this I said--
Me: Your love story is like the movie ' Kabhi kushi kabie gham'.
Him: Haha.. life's a movie isn't it? I found my wife last year in the same train. And I found a friend like you now in the same train. Thanks to Shatabdi express!

After some time we started playing ' Numero Uno' .Its a card game. I expalined to him the game.He did'nt catch it at at the start but gradually he beat me and won all the games.We talked a lot all during the journey.He showed his photo album of his marriage. We exchanged a great deal about our lives. It was a fun to talk to him.I told him that I finished 12th and now I am looking for admission into a college.He helped me in giving some contact numbers to medical colleges at Bangalore.It seems he knew the administrator of the college.We exchanged numbers. I wrote down his number on the front page of Angels and demons.

It was 9.00 A.M on the next day and my station was about to come.His station was Vizag which would arrive at afternoon.He came till the door to see me off. The train was moving slowly..everything was in slow motion..the music of the train receeding, the hooting siren, the vendors at the station...but all I could listen was only to him.I was mesmerised and kind of moved by his golden words.He was advising me to study well,that I should do well in academics and make my parents proud and that I should never hurt them and pay them back for every little thing they did by fairing well in career.I nodded enthusiastically and hung on to his every word. They were our last words together...they were words of enlightement.

We were in contact for a few months after that by phone. I told him I didn't have any brothers and always hoped I had one.He was more than glad to make me his sister.I would call him Arun bhaiyya. And he would call me choti.

My mischeivous sister tore off the first page of Angels and demons and I lost his number.I later changed my phone number so there's no way he can contact me now.

But I still remember the train journey and his words. Whenever I feel bored of studying, his words ring in my ears and I get reminded to study well. Ever since then I always look for him in the train whenever I go to Bangalore. You never know...god plans interesting ways to meet friends and special ones.


  1. Hi aparna! i came to ur blog from orkut and i really like ur blog.

    U use simple language and relate to incidents so well.

    I hope u do find your arun bhaiyya sometime. Y don't u try searching him in orkut????

  2. you write like a professional writer!!!..this is no exaggeration.

  3. hi i came to yr blog thru orkut.. am new in bloging biz... so am peeping into all blogs but i found yrs very intresting and intresting is yr language.... nice work

  4. To tell you the truth,I almost thought the way you wrote this blog-you had a minor crush on Arun but obviously since he is married,that was that!!Anyways,you have quite a few good reads and i like the way you have done up your blog page(Mine is so plain) and how you personalise some of your blogs even more by showing us your writings!!Good Job...


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