Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In heaven-9/11 tribute

I learnt how to swim this summer.
I can even open my eyes when I'm underwater!

I can swing on the swing by myself!
Even though I miss you pushing me.

I miss how you used to tickle me!

A child speaks to her father who is no more. He is a victim of 9/11 incident.The conversation is so innocent and heart-touching. Try..oh just try to keep your legs still..try not to cry!

I was all tears after I listened to this. It stirred up my emotions and left a deep wrenching pain in me. Thanx to Rohit Jain for sharing this.


  1. My pleasure! I just found it good so shared at my blog :) thanks for dropping there.

    you are true, this voice-over is too touchy, very very touchy. Feel sorry for the kid. God bless her.



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