Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pehli Nazar Mein-Atif Aslam

Pritam Chakraborthy is among the best music directors in bollywood and Atif Aslam is the best singer (only after K.K though).They teamed up to deliver this goosebumping track, of which I can't get enough.
Today I read in newspaper that Pritam's tunes are not original....yet another case of plagiarism and stealing of authentic copyrights.Nevertheless I like listening to Pritam's songs especially of 'jab we met'and 'dhoom'.
Atif's voice sounds something from the future and very unconventional.He has got that ..umm...sufi touch in his voice. His voice is so dynamic. When the song starts you would presume that this is going to be just another normal track but as the lyrics play they catch up your attention and the smooth vocals by Atif impress you.

Pehli nazar mein Kaise jaadoo kar diya
Tera ban baita hai Mera jiya
Jaane kya hoga Kya hoga kya pata
Is pal ko milke Aa jee le zara

Mein hoon yahan Tu hai yahan
Meri bahon mein aa Aa bhi ja
O jaan-e-jaan Dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa Bhool Ja aa

Baby i love u, baby i love you, baby i love you,
baby i love

Atif Aslam...he is one singer who has got both charming looks and an arresting voice.Cheers to him!This Pakistani singer is truly a gift to bollywood.


  1. Ya, race has great hoping to see it this weekend.

  2. That's amazing, thanks for sharing this great music with us. Your blog is amazing, as usually :)

  3. I am great fan of Atif Aslam and I like his songs more.. Pritam is lucky that Atif has given him a great hit song... :)

  4. I differ to beg. I meant I beg to differ... I feel Atif is just tryin' to be cool. I feel his voice is forcibly accented... if y'know what I mean.... but anyway! Cheers to him! He's got some great songs!


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